34. I'll do anything

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Before alex came and helped me by pulling her away she made a cut above my collarbone. God is this girl gone really mad.

When i raised my head i saw alex was trying to steal the knife from her but she was really gone wild. Shit shit shit my cut is burning and bleeding

Alex held her arms and slapped her hard and my eyed remained wide for a moment. The knife flew somewhere and alex grabbed a couple of tissues and told me to hold it in place.

Natalie soon got up and they both were glaring at each other." how could you slap me alex for this bitch? " she was really really hurt by his betrayal as the slap was already forming a bruise and even her knee was bleeding. I now noticed what is she wearing and that is nothing. She is wearing a black mini which is covering nothing.

" get lost from here right now otherwise I'll kill you i can swear on that " alex replied furiously pointing a finger on her. He was damn angry. She threw a look at me clearly stating i hate you so damn much.

" you should be on my side. We were a team remember. We had such a great time alex. I still miss you " she says seductively but alex is not even a bit affected. He roll his eyes and shake his head in disbelief. Why is she like this?
" but there is nothing in you that ill miss. I used you weneva i was bored and you let me use you. I had no interest in loose holes like yours " listening alex hurting natalie was not satisfying me at all. How can he be so rude and insensitive. Natalie was on the verge of crying hard.

" I would have my ways to get what i want. You just made it a bit easy baby doll and let me please tell you again i definitely dont miss you. Coz i really didn't like your artificial -" alex didn't get to finish his sentence coz natalie slapped him hard.

Shit. Now all hell will break loose

" you are a big bastard and you will rot in hell. One day you'll find a women who teaches you compassion but since you cant respect a women you will never ever get that women. You will always be alone like you've always been alex. " before alex could come out of his shock natalie stormed out from there.

" Are you even a woman you slut? Bloody loose character and loose vagina. I'm gonna teach you a lesson wait " Alex was about to go after her but i held his wrist and made her stop. He will definitely kill her if he went after her. I have to do something.

Alex pov

That bitch fuckin slapped me. I was about to go after her and kill her with my bare hands but i felt a soft hand on my wrist and i turned.

Why is it that after meeting her I've lost my respect. People used to fear me and now they think they'll do anything and get away

Fuck have i turned soft

" stop please stop. You can't go after her now. First calm down " why is it that just by looking at her eyes my nerves calm down. Why fuckin why?

" leave me. She slapped me and she'll pay now " i dont know how but i will make her pay.

" don't you think its your fault. I mean you should not have you know anger her " she reason with me for her and i love the way someone stands against me. I'm seriously bored seeing every one fearing me. Her hand is still on my wrist and I'm liking it.

" Don't anger me more rose " i pretend tat m angry on her words but I'm not. I just don't get angry on her anymore.

" ok I'm sorry " fuck weneva she gives in i find it more fuckin sexy. The thought itself makes me turn on that i can make her do anythin i want " but let her go. She is already hurt so much "

" what do you mean and why should i give damn? " i ask already knowing what does she mean. I don't care it's my fault. She will pay for it.

" can't you be a little more decent around girls alex? You can atleast try? " she speaks considering my silence and taking a step closer towards me. I swear she's looking too cute and relax today. The moment i saw her i want to kiss her so badly. I want her oh so long legs wrapped around me

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