10. I want my revenge

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We were almost eye to eye, lip to lip. His hand raised and i immediately fliched awaiting the slap but it didnt came, instead it was caressing my cheek. I closed my eyes and I could feel my eyes clouded with tears. It was flowing down my cheeks one by one

His grip tightened on my jaw and in the softest voice he said " I want my revenge "

Now that confirmed he is going to kill me

" please " I pleaded with my eyes closed and i don't even know I'm sayin please. I'm just scared.

" open your eyes "

I shook my head. I cant

I felt something pointed on my forehead. From the coolness of the barrel I can say its a gun. " open your eyes...now "

Immediately my eyes met his

" now tell me....where do you want to get shot baby girl...here? " he trailed the gun to my lips " for speaking to me like this.....or here? " he shifted and placed it on my hands " for slapping me so hard....or best here "

" please...please alex....stop it " I couldnt help but sob. In any second he could pull the trigger and I would be dead

He trailed it again on my forehead " one hit and you'll be dead without any pain....really "

I squeezed my eyes shut and stopped breathing awaiting my death

Atleast I saved my ego by not pleading him


Suddenly he pulls away and I hear a laughter. I open my eyes and see him laughing out loud like a maniac

Does he think playing with me like this is a joke

Threatening me to death is so funny for him

A flame of anger burned in my body and I resisted the urge to snatch the gun from him and kill him right here right now

" are you fuckin crazy? like seriously you think this is a joke...huh? You know what? You are a fuckin asshole....ill never regret slapping you and if I have a chance to do that again....ill be more than happy to kill you....go ahead and fuckin kill me.....I dont give a damn and i wont say sorry ever " I screamed with all my force and he stopped

Silence filled the car again but I was no longer scare of him. He had the look you seriously did that again

" I suggest you watch that mouth of yours whenever you are around me otherwise it will get you killed one day by me of course " he chuckled lightly " and believe me I would love to do dat but sad for me and good for you that day isn't today "

He's not goin to kill me

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion and he placed the gun back in his pocket and continued " I never came here with the intention of killing you but that look of yours was priceless " he laughs again

Fuckin bastard

But his laugh is so beautiful....not hot....not sexy but beautiful

Rose for god sake....he pointed a fuckin gun on your forehead a moment ago and you are fuckin praising him

Ok he's a bastard

Shaking my thoughts away I speak " you dont want to kill me" i dont know that was a question or a statement

He stares at me cocking his brow then speaks " trust me baby girl....there are much more worse things then death in this world which are so painful that you wish you weren't alive " he said calmly but I can see something dark in his eyes

I gulped in fear

He shook his head as if halting his thoughts and continued " do you think I'm so fuckin dumb that I'll leave you so easily by just killing you? You insulted me in front of everyone and I'll make sure to show everyone and especially you not to behave with me like that again"

What the hell is he planning but im sure whatever it is ....its bad....and i dont want to listen it

" listen....I need to go....please open this "

" I'm not done yet " he said raising his eyebrow

" I dont want to listen ok whatever it is " I tried to again pull the door handle. I even looked around to see if anyone was there

" did I not tell you that you dont have a choice ? " He said with a devilish smirk

" ok fine....just tell me what you want and let's get it over with " I breathe out

" trust me it has just begun....so lets start this game " He rubbed his palms in excitement " so for the starters do you love chris ?

What he ask took me by surprise " excuse me? That's none of your business "

He shook his head in disbelief and closed his eyes for a moment as if calming himself " dont piss me off again baby girl otherwise it will just take me ten minutes to drive to your house and kill your entire family and dont you dare lie to me...dont let me repeat my question again and answer NOW "




Nodding my head yes I looked away from him not wanting to see his face anymore

" how much ? "

Is he mad

" well I dont know the shop yet which sells a device to measure love " I roll my eyes

He chuckle lightly " dont worry....I'll get to know that pretty soon "

What does he mean

" and do you have a boyfriend ? "

What the hell

" yes " I reply

" do you love him? " he ask

" how can I love two person at the same time you idio- " I gulped the last word seeing his deadly glare

" wow....hats off to you...going behind your boyfriends back and cheating him "

Well he definitely has not done his research properly

I look at him again " will you please just tell me exactly what you want from me....please"

He is gettin on my nerves

" after you slapped me that day....you seriously caught my attention....first I thought I should just kill you but then i thought that would be less painful and no fun then...I started my research on you and what i found did seriously amaze me "

" and what have you found exactly ?"

" are you seriously so naive or are you just trying to play innocent with me because I'm not finding you cute "

" well even I don't find your presence welcoming either " I muttered under my breath

" get used to it "

He placed his hanđ inside his pocket.

He's removing the gun again.....nooo please.....I promise I'll watch my mouth...I muttered to myself

I breathed a sigh of relief as it was just his phone

" well let me show you something damn interesting "

God knows what it will be now

I have not done any scams

Nothing illegal

Unless I have secretly checked some websites....well everyone does

Lets see...............

any guesses what it is?

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