25. I am sorry

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" stop " he orders on the phone looking right in my eyes. Why is he staring me like this.

" If I leave him you said you'll do whatever you want? " i nod my head and he continued " but what if i want nothing from you? I mean i got you begging me pleading me being so helpless in front of me and what else could i ask for? " he raised his eyebrows in question and i just kept staring at him.

" If i kill him you'll be shattered. That's what i wanted right? Then why should i let him go? " he asked me as if interviewin me and if i fail to give him a right answer he'll reject my request

I started thinking what to say
" i...um...you " and he was just smirking at me. How can someone be so ruthless. Just keeping on ruining lives of people one by one. Chris and nina den me den


" what about your revenge with chris then? The whole thing you planned for the island? " i said as quickly as the thought came in my mind and for a moment he actually thought about it.

" well i can deal with chris in another way. If i kill jacob and let you go and if you two start rekindling then i have to take action again which i can manage. And about the island thing? It works only if you behave which you never does so it's useless going with that plan " he speaks to himself forming all the pros and cons of the situation. After a pause he looks my way and tell his final decision.

Jacob was fainted till now. No movements were happening at all " I dont care whatever happens " he speaks suddenly
" Killin him is not much at loss "

Even my plan 3 pleading him failed.

What do i fuckin do

Think think think

Plan 4. Maybe if i say him those three words then maybe he'll leave him.

He was about to speak again but i shouted " alex i am sorry " he snapped his face so quickly in my direction confirming that i just said that

I grit my teeth and close my eyes and open it again. I held both of my ears like a child always does when askin forgiveness from his teacher.

He furrows his eyebrows in confusion what to do " Alex please....im so so sorry. I'm sorry for insulting you. I'm sorry for slapping you. I'm sorry for iritating you for messing with you. I'm sorry please I'm sorry for every damn thing i did. Please forgive me and don't be so cold " my voice came out breaking and sobbing but he was just staring at me with shock. His calm expression turned into anger.

" No i wont. First of all you slapped me again infront of everyone. You insulted me again in front of everyone. You broke the rule of our deal. You think you'll do anything and get away with it so easily. Dont you get it I'm a very dangerous person. Everyone is terrified of me but you on the other hand take me as a joke. You neva listen to me. You neva obey me. You didn't wore the dress i gave you. You didnt kiss me back when i kissed you. No girl has ever done that and i dont know why but- " he stops abruptly gulping the word

" You think you'll slap me and I'll leave you just like that. Do you think im so fucking dumb that ill keep forgiving you again and again so you keep doing those things over and over. Dont you get it iritates me so much that i feel like killing you for once and all. But since i cant kill you cause i want you to suffer I'll kill everyone you care for. " he shouts using all his force. God i didn't knew i had so much effect on him. And if he is so angry that means he is already planning to change his decision of killing jacob.

" I'm sorry " was all i could manage to say. He averts his eyes from me and shuts it for a moment.

Everything and everyone was silent for a moment. Only my sobs couldn't keep their mouth shut and i can hear my heartbeats too.

" micky shoot him. Leg first. I just want you out of my life and get done with this revenge " suddenly he orders to his man. Bile rise in my throat.

" No no no wait alex please please please please no no alex please ill make it up to you. I'll apologize infront of everyone. I'll do whatever you want alex if you want I'll go on my knees rub my nose at your feet no. Just listen to me please. " i place my hand on his thigh begging him to stop but he is behaving as i dont exist anymore

I can see on the screen even the man is hesitant to shoot. Even he is having mercy on me but this heartless man beside me.

" Shoot i said " he shouts again

I hear the sound of bullet and i can see blood dripping from his leg continusly. Everything became so blurry i could see jacob in front of my eyes writhing in pain bcause of me and i cant do anything. I've neva felt so helpless in my entire life

What the hell do i do

He is not ready to listen to me

Any moment he'll command them to kill him and they"ll just do it. For the first time I'm terrified of him. My request are going to his deaf ears. I pleaded him. I begged him. I even fucking said sorry.

I shut my eyes because i cant see him. Like this anymore but the truth doesnt change if you just close your eyes

What the hell do I do more to convince him

" you know what rosy. ..there's one thing which will make any guy talk...which will make them do whatever you want them to do"

" and whats that exactly "

" seduce them "

" for god sake hazel will you give me one suggestion which doesn't involve sex in it. "

" well my mind revolves around sex only but trust me. Try this with chris and he'll start speaking what's wrong "

No way m i gonna do this. I've already tried everything and even this wont work. But rose you have an effect on him. He is continusly staring at ur lips. For jacob rose please do this. I look at the screen and realises he is still alive atleast. He has a life. A career. A dream to win that show.

When i look at him even he was in thoughts. God knows what's goin on his mind . It's like he himself is struggling inside. After a brief moment he looks at me and speaks " let's just kill him baby girl "

I snatch his phone successfully this time and disconnects it and before he reacts i jump from my seat and smash my lips on his to shut his mouth before he gives his next command

In a moment he starts responding deeping the kiss further. He pulls me in his lap and his hands reaches my bare cheek to hold me in place. He is kissing me desperately as if he wanted to do this from so long.

I pull back to breath and he does the same. Before i could speak he captures my lips again. This time it was a slow sensual kiss as if he wants to remember this kiss forever.

I'm feeling so tingles in my stomach. I hate to admit but even i dont want to pull back.

To my surprise he pulls back and cups my face in his hand. His eyes were only showing lust for me. So this is what a kiss feels like. My hands were on his chest and i could hear his hearbeat loud and clear syncing with mine.

did rose did the right thing apologising?

will her this plan work?

Did i went too far guys i seriously want to know this? Things do happened like this where people love to torture someone endlessly and nothing faze them

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