8. Why are you here?

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There were sound of footsteps and then I heard a loud noise of something crashing in my balcony

It can't be jacob again....shit....I should take something with me for safety

I grabbed whatever was close to me and caught hold of a receiver. I rushed to see who was intruding like this.

The first thing I saw was someone's back laying on my mattress

He is not jacob

He broke my chair....now he's gonna have it from me

He turned and I threw the receiver on his face hard in panicked. What if he attacks me suddenly?

Shit that was loud

My eyes went wide as I recognized that face

No this cant be true

I think I'm just imagining

I pinched myself to confirm

Ouch...that hurts

Shit shit shit

I rushed towards him and help him getting up " I...I didn't mean it...I'm so.....sorry chris....I didn't knew it was you "

He gave me the look are you out of your mind. He clean the blood on his lips which was due to me....I mean the receiver

" sit here please " I hold his hand and led him to the edge of my bed. I rushed towards my cupboard and searched for the first aid kit. God wer have i kept it? Why m i not organised?

I look here and there and found it in the third drawer below my makeup. God.

The first thing I noticed when i went back to him was he is drunk.

What the hell is wrong with him.

How dare he

Stop pretending.....you are so happy seeing him after so long. And he came to meet you

Ok ok....but how did he knew I live here?

There was a knock on the door and I swear my heart stopped beating. I gave him the sign to keep quiet

I took a deep breath and turned the knob open

" what happened sweetie......what was that noice " she tried to step inside but I stopped her

" mom mom it was...it was bruno( my puppy) now I'm tired....ok goodnight " she turned to go but came again stepping her foot between the door

" oh yeah one more thing....I cleaned your cupboard and all your bras are in the down shelf and your-"


I cut her words

" ok mom ok. I'll figure it out. Now goodnight "

" are you trying to send me away. Is jacob in there. I want to talk to him " she whispered

" not now " I shut the door

Whats wrong with chris and my bra always

I can hear him laughing out loud and I flush with embarrassment

I gave him a deadly glare and he shoooed

I seated beside him and started cleaning his lips. He was looking at me and I hurriedly averted my eyes. I cleaned the cut carefully avoiding to hurt him more. But i guess staring at me he is not even feeling his pain.

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