15. I hate you

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We both turned and saw the one and only devil standing there with his hands in his pockets. He took some steps towards us and was also holding something behind his back

Is it a gun

I glance a look at chris and he was fuming with anger just seeing him. He was just ready to attack him and want to kill him with his bare hands

Alex gave me a smirking glare and sly smile at chris. As he came closer i peek at his back. It's a rectangle shaped box " jeez. Get a room you two or better i can empty my room " he winked at chris

Chris held my left wrist protectively anď sucked a breath trying to maintain a calm posture " I dont want to waste my energy on him. Let's leave rose " he started walking with me ignoring him completely.

As we took two steps i felt a pull on my right wrist and i stopped. Even chris stopped noticing my halt and turned and notice his hand on my wrist " you can leave but not her " Alex said to chris not even generous enough to ask me

Oh shit not right now. Alex is chris brother and they cant stand each other. Chris likes me and he wont like I'm in terms with alex in any way. Alex hates me and he wont let me leave with chris at all.

Chris hand tightened around my wrist in anger " you better stay away from her alex otherwise this time it will be me the one teaching you a lesson not her " he yells at his face. Alex in return raise his eyebrows slight angry at the comment. I'm sure that little slap of mine had challenged his big ego but why the hell are you reminding him chris.

" ohhh lovers boy going angry. shit. I'm so scared. Somebody please help me " he acts feigning a scared look

" get your fucking hands of her alex otherwise you wont make it alive from here " chris threatens and I can't help but smile seeing his caring side. Even if he told me to stay away from him he cares for me

All my anger towards him vanishes in an instant. I'm enjoying seeing chris being so caring towards me but I dont want them to fight. I was sandwiched between both of them. I had to do something before they get into a fight

" chris-" i whisper to calm him and trying to lock my eye with him but the devil interrupted me.

" I would love to see you try " alex says pulling me more closer where my back touches his chest and i feel a bit tingly.

In a moment Chris leaves my hand and marched towards alex but before he can punch him I pull him back and stand in between them

" chris. Stop. Wait. It's just a talk. I'm sure i can manage that " I place my hands on chris chest to calm him and tries to free my hand from alex grip who was tracing my palm with his fingers instead of leaving it.

" listen to her and just leave "

cant he just shut his mouth for a second

Chris ignores him and cups my face. He looks at me with concern " rose just tell me if anything is wrong in any way just tell me and I swear I'll kill him "

Should I tell him

"No you are just overthinking it. I can handle myself. I'll come you go " I lied and somewhere i want him to just take me from here.

I cant....who knows he has a gun with him

Chris gives me a frustrating look " no I'm not leaving you with him. I dont even get it what is there to talk between you two. Let's go to our dorm "

" are you speaking baby girl or should i start speaking " alex warns probably gettin iritated by us. Chris narrow his eyebrows in confusion and i fidget with my hairs nervously

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