33. Beach

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After two days we left for the island on friday evening. I was feeling much better after alex took care of me so well. He made sure I'm taking my medicines and food properly.

He didn't let me out of bed at all and was not arguing with me at all and listenin to me. He also arranged notes for the missed classes. This side of him seriously shocked me.

Well back to the trip its supposed to be a four hour ride. Natalie and alex both were determined that we travel together.

From outside it looked like four best buddies are going for a long road trip to enjoy and have fun. But I know the truth.

There is a broken girl whose being blackmailed to sit beside her blackmailer and assure everyone we are a happy couple. There is a guy sitting behind me who loves me and is dying to be with me. Same goes with me. There is also a girl sitting with us who is trying to steal chris from me and knows I'm being blackmailed. She claims she love chris but has already slept with alex.

Being with alex i have not seen chris at all in the past two month.   I've been so tangled in my problems that i hardly think about him. Its weird as weneva he is out of my sight he's out of my mind. But seeing him again awakened my every emotion.

I dont know how natalie convince chris for this because even a five year old can say he is totally disinterested. He has a total blank face no smile no anger no pain. Total numb

The four hour drive was the craziest drive of my life. Alex was holding my hand all the way to iritate chris and doing all lovey dovey talks. And he actually got iritated coz he vented his frustration on natalie who was throwing continous tantrums about her dress her heels the sunburn this and that. Nobody spoke anything afterwards dealing with their lives alone. Afterall no one had anything to say.

I love chris but I'm with alex. Chris loves me but is with natalie. Natalie and alex who've been sleeping together i doubt loves no one but themselves.

We reached our hotel finally and i took a deep breath. The first thing i did was pull back my hand from alex and he threw a silent glare at my way. The Bell boys took our luggage and even Natalie and chris headed towards their room. Not once chris looked at my way.

" get down in 10 " alex said to me as i was going upstairs to my room

" why? " i questioned and he gave me a look you are not allowed to ask questions but i still held my place

" dinner " he den answered taking his time.

" I'm not hungry " i take one more step but he grabbed my wrist and every hair on my body stood at his touch. It's been like this only since our kiss weneva he touches me.

And living with him we had more incidents ofcourse. More arguments more submissions more closeness.

" I'm not asking you " he replies leaning more closer to me

" I'm damn tired. Please don't force me " my voice comes out in a whisper as i really don't want to argue with him now.

" when did you eat last? " he leans more closer staring at my lips. His hand is still on my wrist and the other tracing my cheek. What did he ask? Ya eat. Last.

" well i had some cookies i think last somewhere around 2 " he leans more closer almost kissing me but then pull back totally

" that was not even a proper meal. We are having dinner now. Lets go " he starts pulling me with him but i resist again

" my head is throbbing alex. Please Let me go. And why do you care if i eat or not? " i don't know why but I'm seriously having fun by this sweet argument between us.

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