1. Say sorry

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Always be good to everyone but if your enemy crosses his line then dont think twice before planning his murder

Kidding....dont do that. Let God deal with him but you can always do some small mis mash....

Finally! I'm here. Its every girls dream to finish with her school and enter her college life. To feel the freedom she has been longing for.

I enter the gates of my college. Cambridge university one of the most elite academic institution. I stand there for a little longer than needed admiring the place.

I then walk across the bustling campus of college taking in the beauty of the place

" urghhhh. This suitcase weighs like a thousand pounds" I mutter to myself

I tell you this moms

My mom was the only one against my decision of staying alone. I've been treated like a princess by my parents since i am thier only child which has made me very weak and dependent on everyone. But i always wanted to stand on my feet and live an independent life and that's what I'm gonna do

I'm so excited

As I was fidgeting with myself and my suitcase I smack across a body and fell hard on my knees

Is he blind

Shit i got a cut too

He's gonna have it from me

" woah. Are you - " as i raise my head to see this blind guy i gulped my insultive words as i see a cute looking guy ,a strand of brown hair was coming in his brown eye

We were both knocked on the ground

" I'm so sorry! Are you ok? " I finally apologise instead of doing something else. It was my fault right.

Oh really rose

"My ego's a little bruised " he exclaims breathing heavily " if the other guys on the football team saw me get tackled by a pretty girl, they'd never let me forget it"

He told me Pretty

He offers me a hand and helps me get on my feet " I'm chris by the way. Nice to meet you " he says awkwardky and i then realise i haven't replied to him

" oh I'm rose " i say while blushing

" nice name.So are you ok?nothing broken...I hope "

" I'm fine..just my hand a little bruised "

"Is there anything I can do to make it up to you? " he say it so sweetly and my heart beats making me blush again

Stop it rose

Straighten your shoulders


Remove that smile now


" a little help with my bag I guess" I pointed towards my bag and he shrugs his shoulders in apology. My eyes only locked in his features but as He looks at my bag his expression changes and his face goes flushed

I told mom this bag was too girly

Such a bad first impression

I glance towards my suitcase and my eyes goes wide in horror as i realise it has popped open

And and


" woah...your stuff is everywhere" he picks up my lacy black bra

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