37. I broke the deal

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Chris let go off me and i can see rage in alex eyes clearly but he quickly guards it and takes some step towards us and smiles at chris. Even he nods in return.

He holds my hand and peck my lips. His lips linger on my lips longer than necessary. Even i fake a smile after he let go off
" I've been waiting for you baby girl. You know i can't handle being away from you even for a second and its been an hour " alex says in a taunting way emphasising the last word to me. And when his eyes meet mine i seriously start sweating. How can he change himself in an instant.

" I'll make it upto you " i say in a gurgly voice not even caring that caring that Chris is there. i start sweating from top to toe wen i feel that Alex is angry because of me. Alex looks at me in surprise and i apologized with my eyes and i relax wen i see he softened. 

He again kiss me on my cheek and Chris gives Alex a disgusted look and me a pitiful look " ah Chris? " Alex call Chris as he was about to take a turn. Chris take a pause and then turn giving Alex a look I'm not interested in listening wateva bullshit you wanna say.

Alex smirks but reply " tell your girlfriend to stay away from my girlfriend. If she dare lay even a finger on her again i swear i won't hesitate to break her neck " Chris listens patiently clearly eyeing my cut not showing any emotion. I can sense Alex is mocking him for his own pleasure. He is no where concern about me. Just concerned about his property.

Chris chuckles and reply " ofcose why will you hesitate Mr. Womanizer? Knowing you so clearly i know you won't even think twice to hit a women." Chris replies looking at my way clearly telling me what kind of a person Alex is. Alex in the other side tight his hand which is on me in anger

Has alex hit nina? or natalie? Why is he sayin like this?

" mind your fuck - " chris cuts him but mentally i curse chris for making him angry again. 

Chris turns his head again meeting alex gaze and say " even i will suggest you to behave around me otherwise even i wont hesitate to break your neck"

Alex takes a step towards chris but i stop him placing a hand on his arm and pleads chris to leave. " chris please leave. Please " chris give me a longing look telling me your words matter to me rose and leaves from there.

This is the second time I've stopped them both from fighting. There is too much baggage between them and wen they will fight all hell will break loose

After chris leaves alex throws daggers at my way and drag me mercilessly by the same hand he was holding so lovingly. God save me.

Alex pov

God save her from me. This girl tests my patience. I've been waiting for her from the past hour and she was messing with her lover boy.

Not only was she talking to him which i warned her not to she was also in his arms. She also fucking had the audacity to save him from my punch. Why the fucking hell does she never listen to me?

I drag her towards the back of the hotel and push her against a wall and pinned her under me.
" what was our third deal rose? " i hardly address her as rose because i actually like calling her baby girl.

She tilts her eyes upwards trying to remember the third deal. 

She actually forgot it. 

She seriously forgot it. 

She looks directly into my eye trying to hide her fear. But i know right now she is terrified of me. I really thought to let it go wen she apologized but she shouldn't have saved Chris from me.

" Alex calm down. Listen to me "

" what.was.our.third.deal.rose? " i ask again gritting my teeth and slapping my hand on the wall with each word trying really damn hard to control my nerves. She flinch from the impact and squeeze her eyes shut.

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