2. Nice to see you again

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True love is when you selflessly keep caring for a person and the thing he/she doesn't love you back not matters

I head back to hazel

" why you covered in coffee rose?" she asks scanning my top. Bastard ruined my favourite top.

" haven't you heard. It's the hottest looks for fall " I joke but she definitely didn't laugh and gave me a weird look

" oh yeah. Well you're definitely pulling it off. Let's head back i just got a text from our roommates. They're home " she turned and dragged me with her.

It was almost dusky when we walk into our dorm living room and find a guy standing in front of a painter's easel. He was wearing a loose pant and a very very tight tshirt that too pink.

Is he gay

The pink tshirt guy was so engrossed in wateva he was painting but sensing our presence he turned.

" hey you must be rose....I'm Jack" he introduces himself after keeping the brush aside and wiping his fingers on the tshirt he extend his hand.

"you're an artist?" I ask eying his painting after shaking his hand. I love people who loves art in any form. I've heard they are the best human beings and soft hearted people.

Even i love dancing. I can go on and on when i just even slightly heard any type of music. Ny body starts dancing automatically.

" wow. no. I'm a long way away from calling myself an artist. I guess I'm a guy that paints. Anyways the rest are up on the roof. You'll go meet them I'll catch with you later" he suggest continuing his painting picking his brush again.

" no way....you are coming with us jackie boy...you can finish with your painting later " hazel demanded snatching his brush and closing the lids of the opened colour bottles.

" I'm almost done girl. Let me complete. What do you think rose? " he ask turning his focus on me now while opening the closed lids again. Hazel was giving him a death glare.

Do they both have something?

" hmmm....give me a second to fully appreciate your work " I glance at his painting and see a girl sitting on a couch wearing a long white gown looking herself in the mirror but with a longing expression.

" well? " hazel ask getting impatient for my answer so that we can hurry.

" its intriguing. What does it mean? " i ask which makes jack's grin wider and hazel frown bigger.

" I dont know " he replied scratching his chin beard. His whole face was completely shaved. " maybe waiting for some miracle "

People always paint what's in their mind so maybe jack was waiting for some miracle. But before i could ask him more hazel started ranting.

" ohk thats very thoughtful of you. Your painting is mind bogglingly breathtaking. 10 out of 10. Now lets go. " she dragged both of us out while continuing his babbling. Jack made a gesture to me from behind she's mad

As we three head upstairs we were welcome by an amazing view. Candles were lit everywhere, plush chairs and the cushions were placed around a table

 Candles were lit everywhere, plush chairs and the cushions were placed around a table

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