6. I'm...I'm a....a

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" I missed you so much sweetheart " mom told me for the umpteenth time in an hour

" I know mom....I know....i miss you too " we were in the kitchen and she was preparing my favorite cuisine and I was helping her

" well this was my favourite dinner set you just ruined "

Well I was trying to help her

I shrug my shoulders and she laughed

" baby....i still dont get it why you want to live in a hostel leaving all the luxuries here " she states sadly stirring the pasta with one hand and removing something from the refrigerator from her other hand.

" mom....I thought we are done with this conversation .....I just want to live an independent life.  " her face falls instantly. I held her and kiss her on the cheek and she smiled

" where's dad and jacob " I try to divert the topic juggling with the raw tomatoes which goes straight into the boiling water.

shit. i should just leave

mom said removing the squished tomato now carefully " jacob is on his way and dad -

" is here " we were interrupted by a voice from outside

" Dad " I ran towards him in excitement and hurry which made my foot stuck in a plastic bag and my nose was about to break its bone but mom and dad both saved me.

" God rose you are so clumsy "

" that was fun "

Ohhhhh I miss them so much. Feels like I was gone for eternity

" my baby " dad said hugging me so tightly " well your boyfreind will be a bit late " he diverted the topic by hiding and blinking his glossy eyes.

Everyone knew about us since we were childhood best buddies and now lovers.

Dad will not like the fact me breaking up with him....

We had our dinner and was having the typical conversation about the rules and regulations. I went upstairs in my room and jacob was still not here. It was exactly the way I left it girly but still elegant.

I closed my eyes and inhale the smell of my room

I went to my balcony having my hot chocolate. The feel of cool breeze on your face while gazing the stars is so peaceful

Where is jacob

After waiting for another 20 minutes he arrived finally. He kept his hand on my eyes and i instantly recognised him.  After exchanging our pleasantries and hugs and kisses i handed him his hot chocolate which was cold by now and sat opposite him.

By the look of his face I can tell that he had been crying a lot. His eyes were puffy red.

" I missed you so much " he admit

" really? " I raised my eyebrow in suspicion. He's been avoiding me and he is telling me he missed me

" yes really " he responded

Anyways I just want to tell him asap

"I want to tell you something" i want to get this out asap. His whole body got tense in an instant

"I know what you want. I knew it all along. That's the reason I was avoiding you" that made me angry and the way he said it so calmly.

He knew I wanted a break up still was ignoring me

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