40. I'm a very bad man

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" yes i am. Dad is really unwell and Mom is really angry on me . I have to go see him and I will see him no matter what you do  " i reply not even looking his way but i can tell he would have raised his eye on this one. I know he wont allow but i also know if i push him he will agree.
God the sand and salty waters have ruin my hair. I need a shower. Where's the towel? Got it. Bathroom here i come.

I was about to twist the knob and open the door when he spin me and steady me. His eyes showed no emotion. Nor anger neither annoyed. Just his cold mask which frighten me more " and how can you decide for yourself? Did you forg- "

I cut him looking in his eyes knowing very well my words affect him. The thing I'm his puppet no longer satisfies him but iritates him " no i have not forgotten your rules and that you control my life. I know I'm your puppet. But this time alex please. This is not a joke or some game. It's my dad " i plead in the softest voice possible ad emphasize on each word. He looks in my eye without blinking and softens and let go of my hand.

I take a quick shower and when i come out he was sitting on the edge with his hands in his face.

Alex pov

I sense her presence and raise my head up. Her wet hair was sticking and water was dripping all over. She was wearing a tight black jeans and a crop white top exposing her little belly.

Is she going more and more beautiful every time when i see her. I'll go mad if i dont get to feel that skin soon

She was moving around the room packing her things. Well i did not even gave her the permission. But she is right this is not a joke.

Her family needs her and she needs her family. I want to stop her but i should know when to draw a line. If i stop her now she might not take it and it will anger me and I'll do more damage then i intend to

But if i let her go wich i definitely don't want to its a risk she might spill everything to them. There will be jacob also. And what if i can't get her back then. What if she plays with me.

Also Her dad is not a small man. He is known and respect by everyone. She is definitely rich but not behaves like some queen or princess. Infact she is really down to earth.

I don't want to lose her ssly. I want her attention. I want a connection with her. I want her to stay with me beyond any force.

But for now if i turn soft and let her go she might never come back to me. But i can't let her stay away from her parents. But for now atleast i can.

I will let her meet them after i say her my feelings atleast. And if she rejects me i will make her stay. I will make her choose me instead of chris. I will show she deserves me. Anyway a cheater like her should not show much tantrums and accept me.

" you are not going anywhere rose. Stop your packing " i turn my voice cold devoid of any emotion and she halt stuffing her belonging and turn her head staring at me in disbelief.

" you are joking right? " she takes a step towards me and i try my best to avoid her eyes and her touch. I can't turn soft.

" no I'm not. You know i dont joke. Unpack your stuff. I'm going to get dinner here " i take a step towards the door but she grab my wrist and force me to turn. I make the mistake of looking in her eye which are already glossy

" alex are you understanding the seriousness of the situation. My dad is not well. Because of me. Because of you. Because i broke up with - " her voice was breaking and she was hiding something. What's her dad concern if she broke up with jacob.

" alex i need to talk to him in person. He has serious health issues you know weneva he takes stress. He is not ready to talk to anyone and has locked himself. Only i would be able to crack him because I'm his little princess. He is not even taking his medicine and  " she continues panicking about her dad more and more.

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