43. deal with the devil

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I drag her from there to my room. All the way she was restraining and struggling " alex you have to believe me i did not went to meet chris "


" someone told me you and him are fighting in his room so i went there but till the moment i realise everything was normal the door was locked " she continued trying hard to breath. Her words are coming out as whispers.

Lie the door was not locked

I drag her more forcefully and she gets hurt on her knee and wince in pain but i dont care. I unlock my door and throw her inside. She again gets hurt on the side of her face by the edge of the bed. I lock my door.

God i should have left her alone when I'm so damn angry but the devil inside me cant.

Before she get the chance to properly adjust to her pain i bend to her level and picked her uo to only throw her on the bed.

" give me your phone " i demand and she gets a bit confused. How will she deny this.

She fearfully obey me and search the phone from her back pocket but not find it. " i dont have it. Alex listen - " she try to get up but i force her on the bed again

I remove my cell phone and show her the screenshots of her lovey dovey conversation which i took from natalie there and then
" i dont know anything about this. I did not had such conversation with chris " god I'm getting more and more furious from her denial

I sit down opposite her and grab her hair in my fist. She wince in pain and even her forehead is bleeding " you lied to me today that you don't have your phone. You called chris and you were with him right? Now also you were with him. From when are you sleeping with him? How much does he know? Tell me right now " she place her hand on my fist trying to loosen the hold from her pain.

" chris dont know anything. Trust me alex please you have to trust me. I'm not sleeping with him. Alex please you are hurting me " her voice comes out between sobs. I leave her hair and grab her jaw.

" did you kiss him? Were you'll kissing when i came inside. You behave exactly like the slut you are. Am i right? " she keeps shaking her head refusing to admit her wrongdoings.

" Alex fuck atleast listen to me. You are hurting me " she wince in pain again.

" i told you to not make a fool of me in front of chris and you did exactly that " i grab her jaw and hair more forcefully and not able to hold the pain anymore she pushes me and stand up

" i did not trust me i did not. " she took step backwards and i took a step forward.

" Do you like his touches more. It has become a trend for you right to cheat on anyone. It's fun right for you sleeping with everyone. Tell me how does it feel getting pleased from every boy out there. Tell me what's the count. I'm sure you must have exceeded mine.  How many boys have seen your va- "

" enough ok? You'll never believe what i say to you. You never believe me when i say to you no man has ever touch me before. Infact no man has even kiss me except you. You'll never believe I'm not what you think of me. It hurts like hell weneva you keep calling me a slut and treat me like one. Stay away from me you won't touch me now " she keeps yelling using all her strenghth but her words did not even faze me a bit.

" Ok then we should call chris. Threesome will do? " she keeps on crying and shaking her head. Trying her best to ignore my words but if you can do it then listen also

I take some steps towards her and she backs away more " stay away from me. You are scaring me " she tells wen there's no more backing. I pin her under me placing my hands on either sides of her head.

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