45. how dare you blackmail her?

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I was on the verge to faint thinking about rose and was frantically searching her everywhere. After she left me i called for the master key and ran so fast like my pants were on fire.

I dont know about my pants but my heart is definitely on fire. I will never ever forget in my entire life the way she looked at me. An actual defeat. That was what i always planned to see in her eyes but now when i saw it i was hating that the reason behind it was me.

The way our eyes were locked with each other. God it hurts to even think that it will be the last time i see those eyes.


I wont let anything happen to her. But then i heard a bang from the basement.

My whole body went numb at that sound of a gunshot. All my life I've heard guns blazing shots firing here and there but this is the second time in my life my heart stopped at the sound.

This day will never end till it doesn't consume me fully. I never for once even the slightest thought that she will be a virgin. I've never slept with a virgin. No girl ever deserve to lose her virginity to a devil like me.

And a girl like rose who is so pure

Well was pure

I tainted her

How can she be a virgin?

How the hell can she be a virgin?

Why can't she? Have you seen her sleeping with anyone with your bare eyes you jerk. She never slept with anyone. The realization of this fact makes me happy but also haunts me at the same time. She was always an innocent  girl. My heartless heart always used to feel it but fuck i never listen to it. 

But she? She was in a relationship with two guys in front of me. Girls are like that only right? Always cheating sleeping with boys.

God I'll go mad thinking about the reality of this girl. Did she seriously shot herself? Does she despise me so much that ending her life is far more enticing to her than living that life with me.

I tried to stop her so much. God i pleaded her which I've never done in my entire life. But when it hit me what is she planning my mind went blank.

It did not matter to me that I'm on my knees begging. I would have licked her feet if it meant that she won't kill herself to stop her.

That's why she took that promise. 

That's why she trade her body.

That's why she went numb.

That's why she did all of this because she had already killed herself when she made that deal with me.

God how could i be so damn selfish. I broke everything when i slept with her. I should have stopped right there when the truth hit me that she is a virgin.

But god
this traitorous body.

This traitorous feelings for her.

This cruel fucking devil inside of me overcomed everything.

I couldn't stop. I just couldn't stop feeling her soft skin. I just couldn't stop kissing her.

It's so fucking true that sex is really different when you have feelings for the other person. That was the best night of my life.

But that was the worst night of her life. I feel it that every damn emotions were leaving her one by one. She was not feeling a damn thing. How could i go so fucking cruel?

I have to save her. I was about to loose control over my own body but then i heard another gunshot. She don't want to live anymore at all. Fuck rose what did you do. 

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