17. I'm not interested in you

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I squirm underneath his gaze as he was stalking towards me. He takes a step forward and i take a step backward.

Why m i gettin so scared. I dont know i just dont feel good and awkward too. I should apologise entering like this

" listen im really sor "

No sorry rose

another step

" I swear I tried to call you once twice and god knows how many times. What's my fault if you didn't pick your call. " i try hoping he'll back off but he doesnt

Another step

" Stop right there and stop smirking. You are scaring me " that made him smirk more

Another step

" listen I promise ill not enter like this again in your room. In anyone's room i swear "

I kept moving back until my back hits the door. He was just inches away and i started sweating in fear. He placed his hands on either sides of my face

He leaned closer and I thought he was going to kiss me so i tilted my head and squeezed my eyes shut. I then heard a click and realised he was just locking the door

Thank god

A moment later realisation hit me.

Why the hell he locked the door

He placed his left hand on my chin and forced me to look up " I think we should just continue what you interrupted baby girl and this time no one will disturb us....so shall we? " he ask innocently

I stayed silent for some time registering what he had just said but just to confirm my doubts i ask him " what do you mean by that? "

He caressed my cheek and palms my face " i mean to say let's just you and me continue what me and nats were doing before you interrupted "

Nats......so close

" you are joking right? " he shook his head innocently

" no i don't joke. You just interrupted me and i hate interruptions "

" so i was leaving you should have continued "

" that's what I'm doing. But just doing some alterations "

And in a second i was fuming with anger " I swear I'll kill myself if you even touch me. Get aside and open the door " he kept staring me silently but there was no humour in his eyes anymore. I think he took that seriously.

" What if i dont? "

" I'll scream bloody murder " and he chuckled and even i mentally slapped myself for saying such stupid thing. God my voice is not coming out and my brain is not workin being so close to him.

" Go ahead. I would love to hear you scream " he stared slyly and i sense a double meanin in that.

" Please open the door " i pleaded and instead of listening he was biting his lip. That made me stare at his lips. Boys have pink lips too?

" Why were you here? "

" I didn't mean to interrupt you really. I called you. I even banged the door. I know i shouldn't have but it was urgent. That dress - " My voice was very low and calm not to anger him more but he just kept staring me and shut me off by keeping his fingers on my lips

" god for once just shut ur mouth. How much do you talk when that pretty mouth of yours can do much better things " he traced his fingers on my lips and I closed my eyes shut

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