Chapter 83

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Alexandria's POV

Oh god I couldn't stop crying. I was standing here in front of everyone I knew blubbering like a baby, but when Matt pulled me into his arm's and buried his face in my neck I didn't feel so bad, I felt the wetness, he was crying too.

"Time for the rings." The minister said and Matt pulled away, wiping his face and I listened as Zack and Johnny shuffled around, getting the rings.

I looked at him and smiled through my tears and he squeezed my hand.

"Matt" He said turning to us. "Repeat after me.With this ring."

"With this ring." Matt said softly, so softly that I barely heard him

"I give you my heart."

"I give you my heart." I looked up at Matt and smiled.

"I promise from this day forward."

"I promise from this day forward." He squeezed my hand gently.

"You shall not walk alone."

"You shall not walk alone."

"May my heart be your shelter."

"May my heart be your shelter." Oh crap, I was crying again.

"And my arms be your home."

"And." He suddenly stopped, taking a deep breath. "And my arms be your home." And I burst into tears because he was standing there, slipping the ring on my finger crying, he was crying just like me.

"Alex." The minister said softly and now it was my turn to say those words.

It took me awhile, I just kept crying, but finally, finally I got them out and I slipped the ring onto Matt's finger and it looked perfect, like it belonged there.

"So, friends and family, it's my absolute pleasure to announce Alexandria and Matthew husband and wife."

I looked up at Matt. We'd done it. We were married.

"Kiss your bride Matthew." The minister said.

Matt pulled me into his arm's and kissed me softly and I closed my eye's, enjoying my first kiss from my husband. Oh my god I was married. I never dreamed that I would get married. I never dreamed that I would meet a man who would want to marry me, but I had, I had met him and I counted my blessings everyday that someone, somewhere had led Matt into my life.

I pulled back a little and smiled at him, he caressed my cheek and I glanced around, realising that we weren't the only ones crying and it warmed my heart to see that so many people cared about Matt and I.

We had to sign our marriage certificate and pose for a couple of photo's but it was all a bit of a blur to me because I was still coming to terms with the fact that I was married.

"Holy fuck." I whispered as I took Matt's arm and we walked back out the church and stood outside. "Holy fuck." I giggled.

"Alex, language." Matt said laughing and pick me up.

I wrapped my arm's around his neck and we kissed. We stood there, him holding me up and against him, me holding onto him for dear life, just kissing, just enjoying each other.

"Alright." Lola snapped. "That's enough."

Matt placed me back on my feet and Lola hugged me, causing me to cry again.

"Fuck Alex." She sobbed. "I'm just so happy for you."

"I'm happy for me too." I giggled, hugging her back.

"Move." Sarah said, shoving Lola out of the way. "Alex." she said holding out her arms and I stepped into them, letting her hug me.

There were a lot of hugs to come but I was okay with that because Matt was right beside me, holding my hand, smiling.

"We need to go." Brian came over, announcing to us and he was right. I looked around and I could see storm clouds forming. We wanted to get some photo's at the beach and I really didn't want to get wet.

"Hey." Brian said suddenly and I turned to look at him. "Thanks Alex.' He said softly and pulling me into his arms. "Thankyou for making Matt happy and thankyou for letting him, us, be a part of your life."

Oh damn I was crying again and as Matt led me to the car I was still crying.

"Here baby." He murmured, handing me a tissue.

He got in the car, sliding right over next to me and putting his arm around my shoulders while I wiped my face with the tissue.

"You know Alex.' He whispered softly, kissing my nose. "Zack thought you were mafia."

I laughed, I'd never heard anything so hilarious.

"He did." He went on. "He drove me to your place, telling me about how you had to be in the mafia."

"Really?" I asked. I'd never heard this story before.

"Yeah he did." He said smiling. "So I was imagining all kinds of things when we arrived at your place, and I won't lie, I was a little bit nervous, I mean the mafia." He leant over and kissed me. "But imagine my surprise when the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen opened the door." I smiled softly at him. "You were standing there, looking perfect and right then, at that moment I knew you were special, I think we all knew you were special."

"Oh stop." I whispered, kissing him.

"No." He said smiling. "You opened that door, looking perfect and you shook my hand."

"Ha I did, I was trying to be polite."

"You did, you shook my hand and I remember thinking, wow." He said.

"Yes wow." I laughed, snuggling up against him. "Wow I just met the biggest weirdo of my life."

He smiled at me and kissed my nose. "No Alex." He said softly. "That day, the day you opened the front door, you opened a door to my life, you walked through it and you never left. I thank god every day that Lola moved in with you, that I came over to your house, that I got to know you because Alex, the day you opened the door was the most important day of my life."

I'd started crying again and Matt leant over, kissing away my tears. "I love you Alexandria."

I smiled, touching his cheek. "And I love you, my big sweaty giant."

And I did.



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