Chapter 71

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Alexandria's POV

I couldn't believe he'd done that, snuck into the house in the middle of the night. I couldn't believe I'd belted him up with the umbrella, but what did he expect, sneaking around.

I was so mad, he'd terrified me and now I was just angry at him, I couldn't even argue with him. He said he was staying and I was just so mad I didn't argue, I just turned and went back to bed.

Pinkly followed me and as I climbed into bed she snuggled up to me.

I closed my eye's, trying to calm myself down. What was he doing here and in the middle of the night? Perhaps he'd been on a date and came by after, like he said, Brian told him to check on me, I guess he felt obliged or something.

I closed my eye's, trying to calm myself down and just as I felt myself drifting I heard the door open and Pinkly growl softly.

"Shush." Matt whispered to her and she quietened down, she loved Matt, the traitor.

What was he doing in here? I just wanted to go to sleep, that was all. I was tired and the fright had taken it out of me, I was still shaking but I was so close to sleep, but now here he was again, sneaking around my room.

I could hear him moving around and I wasn't sure what he was doing, until I felt the blankets move.

"Move over." He whispered to Pinkly, climbing in.

I felt him moving around, getting comfortable and I felt Pinkly move, giving him room. Why the hell was he in my bed? I wanted to know, I really did, but I was to tired, to stressed to ask, and besides, maybe I wouldn't like his answer.

I closed my eye's, feeling his body near mine, and it felt good. I'd missed having him in my bed and just his presence was comforting, it felt right.

I really wanted to turn over and ask him what he was doing, but I needed sleep, I had an appointment with Karen in the morning and at this stage in my life I really couldn't afford to miss it. I needed her guidance, I like it and appreciated it.

I closed my eye's and let sleep engulf me. I was tired and with Matt's presence in my bed it didn't take long for my body to relax and finally I drifted off.

I wasn't a deep sleeper, I guess year's of always having to be aware of what Brandon was doing had made me like that, so I always woke up a few times a night and tonight was no different, only this time when I woke up I felt and heard Matt and it felt so nice, feeling his body next to mine and at one point, feeling his arm thrown across my chest. I missed his touch. I'd missed everything about him, so much it hurt, and even in my half awake state, I still felt the ache of that pain.

I'd had a late night and I paid for it the next morning when my alarm went off. It's piercing buzz scared the crap out of me. My eye's flew open and I reached out, groping for it, trying to turn it off.

"Ugh fuck." Matt mumbled.

He was on my side of the bed, an arm thrown over me, his face buried in my neck.

"Sorry." I whispered.

"Where are you going?" He mumbled.

"Karen's." And he grunted in reply.

I laid there another five minutes, trying to wake up, enjoying the sound of Matt sleeping next to me, the feel of his arms around me, but eventually I had to get up or I'd be late. I pulled back the blanket and I felt his arm tighten around my waist for a moment before I got up gently and headed in to have a shower.

The shower was great, waking me up, and when I got out I snuck back into the room, getting dressed quietly. Pinkly was watching me and Matt was still sleeping, snoring softly. Before I left the room I walked over to the bed and looked down at a sleeping Matt, god I'd even missed the sight of his face and before I left I bent down, kissing his forehead softly.

I left immediately, I had no time for breakfast and as it was, due to traffic, I only just made it in time for my appointment. As I walked in Karen was standing at the front desk waiting for me.

"Hi." She greeted me, hugging me warmly. "Let's go." And I followed her into her office, getting comfortable on the now all to familiar couch. "How are you?" She asked as she got comfortable.

I shrugged. "Okay I guess."

"Oh my gosh." She exclaimed. "How was the wedding?"

"It was good." I said smiling, remembering. "Nice."

"Did you see Matt?"

"I did."

"And?" She asked. "How did that go, did you talk to him?"

"Well." I muttered looking at my hand's. "He was with a date." And just thinking about that made me feel sick. "So I couldn't really talk to him."

"A date." Karen said softly. "That doesn't necessarily mean anything Alex."

And I nodded, it didn't, but it probably did. "Yeah, but he's dating." I whispered.

"Alex, it's hard, I know, but maybe it is time to try and move forward." She said gently.

"Well I would, but he's always around." I explained. "So it makes it hard."

"Always around?"

"Well I mean he showed up at the house last night, to stay."

Karen frowned. "Did you ask him why?"

"I haven't had the chance yet."

"Well Alex, you need to go home and ask him, talk to him." She said. "And if you're not comfortable with him being there ask him to leave. You're entitled to that Alex, if you're uncomfortable tell him."

I didn't mean to, I mean I was sick of it, but I started crying again. "I just miss him." I whispered, wiping my face.

"Of course you do Alex." Karen said, getting up and sitting next to me. "You really need to talk him, you need answers, closure."

And of course Karen was right. I did need answers. I did need closure.

It was just the closure that I was afraid of.

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