Chapter 76

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Matt's POV

Well the food finally arrived much to Zack's delight, so we all got a plate full and sat at the dining room eating. Zack was doing all the talking, I was listening to him, Sarah was looking unhappy and Alex was just being Alex, sitting there quietly, eating a little, smiling. I couldn't help but reach out and touch her and she rewarded me with a smile.

I was happy, we were back on track. Yes we still had to talk, but things seemed okay and I was confident that everything was going to work. Hopefully we could talk soon, if Zack actually ever fucking left and as he finished his dinner and got up to put another movie on, it was beginning to look like he'd never leave.

Sarah and Alex cleaned up and I took the opportunity to go into the living room, to speak to Zack.

"Hey." I said sitting down. Zack glanced at me, but ignored me. "Zack." I said again and this time he looked at me. "I wouldn't mind spending a little time with Alex."

He nodded. "Yeah you guy's could do with a little time." He said, glancing back at the television. "So you guy's are made up?"

"Zack." I said again. "We still need to talk."

"Yeah I get that, but you know, you're okay aren't you?" He asked.

"Yeah I think we are okay." I told him, feeling a little frustrated because he obviously wasn't getting my point. "I was kind of hoping you might leave so we could spend a little time together."

He looked at me frowning. "Can I finish watching this?" He asked me.

"Zack, what the fuck?" Why wouldn't he leave.

"Look Matt." He said lowering his voice. "Sarah is a little angry lately, wedding nerves I think and quiet frankly I do not want to go home and have another argument, so please can I just sit here in the peace and quiet for a little while longer?"

"Fine, yeah, I guess." And I kind of felt bad for him, he seemed a little stressed.

He shifted on the couch as Alex and Sarah walked back in and I watched Alex, smiling and I held out my arm for her, pulling her close as she sat down next to me.

We all sat there, watching another movie, me kissing Alex occasionally, holding her and when it finally finished she'd fallen asleep.

"I guess we might go." Zack said softly, glancing at Alex.

I nodded, looking at her, god she looked so beautiful.

"Hey." I whispered softly in her ear, kissing her cheek. She opened her eye's, smiling at me. "Zack and Sarah are leaving." I told her and she sat up, looking as relieved as I did that they were finally going home.

We walked them to the door, farewelling them, but I had a feeling we might see them a bit over the next few days, wedding jitters seemed to be getting the best of both of them.

"Well." I said, closing the door and setting the alarming. "Why don't you go up to bed and I'll take Pinkly."

She smiled and nodded and I kissed her before I went outside.

Pinkly was quick and we came back in and I checked that everything was locked before heading to the bedroom. When I opened the door Alex was laying in bed and she smiled as Pinkly jumped up on the bed.

"Make room for me." I told Pinkly, heading into the bathroom. I got changed and brushed my teeth, heading back into the room.

I flicked off the light and climbed into bed, reaching over and pulling Alex to me. "How are you?" I whispered, kissing her forehead.

"I'm good." She murmured, snuggling into me. "How are you?"

"Good." I whispered. "Better now I have you."

She kissed me softly and I closed my eye's, enjoying it. "I feel the same." She murmured.

I wrapped my arm's around her tightly, holding her close. "What happened Alex?" I asked her softly. I needed to know, from her, we needed to have this talk.

I thought she might turn away, but she didn't, she reached out and touched my face. "He happened Matt, Brandon happened."

"I guessed as much." I said softly. "But you should have told me Alex, you should have let me know what happened."

"I know." She whispered. "I know I have should have." And she started crying, so I laid there holding her, letting her cry.

"I love you Alex, nothing matter's to me except you. Do you understand?"

She nodded against my chest. "I thought he was going to hurt you." She sobbed.

"You hurt me." I said softly, stroking her hair. "Refusing to see me hurt me Alex."

"It hurt me to you know." She sobbed and I pulled her closer, she was right, of course it hurt her.

"It doesn't matter anymore baby." I murmured. "Let's just not do it again okay. I missed you Alex, everyday, so much."

We laid there, her crying quietly, me kissing her, because I just couldn't get enough of her, I'd never be able to get enough of her and as we laid there I wondered what would have happened if Lola hadn't moved in and I didn't want to imagine it, I really didn't.

"You went on dates." She cried and I cringed, I mean I knew she would bring this up but I really was ashamed of it.

"Argh I know Alex and it was stupid of me." I murmured, pulling back and taking her face in my hands. "I don't know why I did it, but the one thing I can tell you was that I thought of you every single minute, every minute Alex you were on my mind."

I kissed her softly. I wanted her to know how much I loved her. I wanted her to know that she was the only woman for me and that she would only ever be the only woman for me.

"Did you do anything?" She asked quietly, touching my face. "On your dates I mean.'

I pressed my forehead to hers. "The only thing I did Alex was wish I was with you." I murmured. "So no, I didn't do anything on the dates, I didn't want to."

This time she kissed me and I closed my eye's, holding her tightly.

"I love you Alex, I really do." I told her again.

"Good." She murmured. "Because I love you, so much, so please can we not do this again, ever fight again, ever be apart again?"

"Never." I murmured.

And I meant it.

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