Chapter 5

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Lola's POV

I opened my eye's. Oh god, my head. It was pounding. I had the hangover from hell. I rolled onto my side and a wave of nausea hit me. Fuck, what exactly did we do last night? I remember we ordered pizza, I remembered eating it, but after that everything went to shit.
Fuck. I sat up, clutching my head. Alex. That poor girl, my first night here and this happens. She was probably going to kick me out.
What the fuck happened to the guy's? Were they still here?
I got up carefully and made my way into the bathroom. Oh jeez, I looked like shit.
I jumped in the shower quickly then threw on shorts and a t-shirt, heading downstairs. Hopefully I could clean up before Alex woke up. I stopped. Where was Alex when all this was going on? I remember her eating pizza but that was it. Fuck, I was such an idiot.
I snuck into the kitchen and stopped, Alex was sitting there drinking coffee, reading.
"Morning." She said smiling. She was perfect as usual, glasses perched on her face.
"Oh god I'm so sorry." I gushed. "I'll clean up."
"It's okay." She said. "I already did."
I groaned, pouring myself a coffee. "Oh god, I swear I'm not like that all the time, honestly."
She shrugged taking a drink. "You were having fun, it's okay, I want you to treat this house like your own so....." She trailed off.
"Thanks Alex."
Well I'd established that she hated Alex.
"So what happened to the guy's?" I eventually asked.
"Well." Alex said. "A few are in the living room and the giant is in the entertainment room, clutching the game controller."
I couldn't help it, I laughed, the giant, but I guess for Alex, Matt was a giant.
"Well we should wake them up."
"Probably, oh but your brother went home." Alex added. "His girlfriend came and got him."
"Of course she fucking did, god forbid he have any fun."
"I guess you don't like her?" Alex asked.
"I hate her, she's controlling and a bitch."
Alex nodded.
"Who's a bitch?" Matt asked, suddenly appearing out of the entertainment room.
"Yeah she made an appearance last night." Matt mumbled. "Can I have a coffee?"
"Let me." Alex said getting up.
Matt sat down and Alex made him a coffee, placing it in front of him.
"So I take it none of you like this Sarah?" She asked.
Matt shrugged. "She makes Zack happy, so that's all that matters."
I just grunted because I couldn't stand her.
"So." Matt said turning to me and smiling. "Are you going to apologise to Grant?"
I looked at him blankly.
"Oh yeah." Alex said softly.
"You don't remember do you?" Matt asked. "I've told you before to stay away from the Jack Lola."
I nodded, disgusted in myself. If there was one thing I couldn't drink it was Jack Daniels.
"What did I do?" I asked.
"Gave him a mouthful and then basically told him to fuck off."
I layed my head on my arm's, groaning. Great.
"Don't worry." Matt told me. "It'll be fine."
I just took a mouthful of my coffee, shaking my head.
"Who the fuck are you?" Someone suddenly yelled.
Matt got up, heading to the living room and I looked at Alex.
"Sounded like Brian." I told her.
Suddenly Matt, Brian and a guy I didn't know appeared. I looked at him, trying not to look at Brian, even with a hangover, having slept on a couch, he was still hot as hell.
"Brandon." Alex said smiling. "This is Lola and her, um, friends."
"Matt." Matt said to him, holding out his hand.
"Brandon, Alexandria's boyfriend." Brandon said, making the boyfriend part clear.
I looked at him and took an instant dislike to him. I don't know what it was, I just didn't like him.
"So ah, what's going on?" Brandon asked us, putting his arm around Alex.
"Oh fuck." Brian said. "We had a big night."
"Excuse me?"
"We were just going to have pizza and then next thing you know it was 3am and we were all in the pool." Brian laughed.
That was another thing I liked about Brian, he knew an asshole when he saw one, so he may have been overdramatising to piss Brandon off.
"You had a party?" He asked Alex.
She shook her head. "Of course not."
Oh wasn't this wonderful, I'd moved out of one house because of a controlling relationship and it looked like I'd moved straight into a house with another.
I looked at the guy's. They'd noticed too.
Nope, no way, this Brandon was a dick and I was going to make it my job to get rid of him.

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