Chapter 14

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Lola's POV

"I'm going home."
"What no. Babe I thought you were going to stay here tonight?" Brian whined.
"Look around Brian." I said waving my hand. "I'm tired and it doesn't look like anyone's leaving anytime soon."
"Lola." He murmured.
"No, I'll tell you what." I grumbled. "You take me on a nice date and I'll consider staying over."
"Fine." He smiled, pulling me into his arms. "I will gladly take you on a nice date."
I was a little shocked. "Good." Was my reply because in all honestly I wasn't expecting that answer.
"Do you want me to call you a taxi?" He asked.
"Yeah let me find Alex."
He nodded while I headed over to Matt. "Hey, have you seen Alex?" I asked him.
"She went home an hour or so ago." He told me.
"Oh, well I'm heading home too."
"I'll take you if you like." He offered.
"Matt seriously you can play the fucking game tomorrow, geez." He was obsessed. "I wish Alex didn't go by herself."
"I offered, but she messaged me, she's okay." He said. "I mean I'll come if you want."
"Goodnight Matthew." I told him, heading out the front.
Brian waited with me and when the cab arrived I allowed him to kiss my cheek. I was going to make him work for this.
The drive wasn't long and as we pulled up the house was in darkness.
I let myself in quietly and turned on the lights.
The first thing that caught my eye was the power cord laying in the middle of the floor and as I walked towards it I noticed Alexandria's phone laying near by.
I picked it up, looking at it. The screen was smashed and I frowned, something didn't feel right.
I went around turning on all the lights and looking, what for, I wasn't really sure but when I saw a tiny smear of blood on the wall I panicked.
"Alex." I yelled, running up the stairs. I got to her door stopping. I took a deep breath, listening.
I opened her door quietly. "Alex." I whispered. "Are you okay?"
I could make out her shape in the bed, she was curled on her side, facing the window.
"Alex." I said a little louder.
"Alexandria." She said flatly. "I'm fine."
That was the biggest load of bullshit I'd ever heard, her voice alone let me know that she wasn't okay.
I flicked on the light. "Alex." I said making my way over to her. "What happened?" I could hear panic in my voice and I was trying to stop it.
"Leave me alone." She said flatly.
I shook my head, going to her. She peeked from beneath the covers, I could see mascara down her cheeks and blood on her lip. "Alex." I whispered, pulling back the covers gently, and as I did her face crumpled and she began sobbing.
"What did he do?" I knew that prick had been here.
"I can't talk to you anymore." She cried.
"Fuck off." I said, pulling the covers off her. "You can talk to whoever you want, now show me."
She sat up gently, wiping her face. "I shouldn't have gone to the party." She whispered.
I shook my head. "You have done nothing wrong, now show me."
She lifted her shirt gingerly and I looked. Oh he was fucking good, he'd made sure to hit her in places nobody would see. I now knew what the power cord was for, he'd obviously whipped her with it.
"Alex." I said, standing up. "This is not okay, it's not okay at all." I was trying not to panic. "Is he here?"
She shook her head, laying back down. "I have to think about what I've done."
"Oh fuck me." I snapped, turning and running downstairs.
I grabbed my phone and then went to drawer in the side cabinet until I found what I wanted. I carried them both upstairs.
Alex was curled back up in the bed and I went over, sitting on the edge of the bed.
"Who are you calling?" She cried. "Please don't call anyone."
"Well." I told her dialing. "I'm calling the fucking alarm company. I want the code changed, new locks and code for the gate, that prick will not be getting near you again."
God, I was so mad. How long had this been going on? Five years? He'd seen an emotionally vulnerable woman and he'd pounced, I wanted to kill him, and her parents, well I silently cursed them for not preparing her for the world, they'd obviously taught her nothing, she didn't know any different. She actually thought he had every right to do this to her.
I spent twenty minutes on the phone with the company and they assured me they'd be here at 6am to do what I wanted. It was already 4am so I quickly got changed and went back into Alex's room.
I turned on a lamp, turning off the main light and climbing into bed next to her. I reallywanted to call someone, the police, Zack, anyone.
"You know." I whispered, wrapping my arms gently around her. "He doesn't love you."
"He said he does." She sobbed.
"Alex, this, this isn't love." I murmured. "Love is gentle caresses, love is soft kisses and one day you'll find out what love really is and you'll know, you'll see the difference."
I honestly hoped that for her as I layed there, listening to her cry herself to sleep. I wanted her to find someone who would love her and treat her gently, someone who would adore her, she deserved to find out what that felt like, she really did.
I closed my eye's, hoping to get a little sleep. Fuck I was glad I'd moved in. What would have happened to her if I hadn't?

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