Chapter 49

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Lola's POV

I stared up at the ceiling. "I really want to call Alex."

"What?" Brian said rolling over to look at me.

"I said I really want to call Alex."

"What for?" He asked.

I looked at him. "To find out how last went, you know, see if it happened or not."

"Lola." Brian said, looking at me. "I'm laying here, butt ass naked and you're thinking about Alex and Matt having sex?"

I laughed, I couldn't help it. "Well, I'm curious."

"Obviously." He murmured, leaning over to kiss me. "It kind of turns me on."

"Anything turns you on." I laughed, lightly hitting him.

"That's not true." He said.

"Yes it is." I giggled. "You're always turned on."

"Only by you Lola." He murmured, kissing me again.

"Bullshit." I laughed. "If it has tit's it turns you on."

"Lola." He said, pulling back, looking upset. "I love you baby, I mean that, I'm only interested in your tit's."

"So romantic." I whispered.

"You want romance?" He asked.

"No it's fine."

"Nope." He said rolling over. "I'll give you romance."

I listened as he opened his bedside drawer and I layed there waiting for him to pull out a big ass vibrator or something.

"So." He said, turning back over to face me. "Here is your romance." And he put his hand gently on my chest.

I looked down to see he was holding a little box. "What is this?"

"Well Lola." He murmured. "I was planning on taking you out for a nice dinner, but here you are, demanding romance now."

I looked at him, feeling butterflies in my stomach. "And?"

"And." He said kissing my nose. "I love you Lola, I've always loved you, even at school, I loved you and I want to marry you."

"Oh my god." I cried.

"Your brother is going to kill me, but anyway. Lola." He said taking a deep breath. "Will you marry me?"

"Yes." I whispered, bursting into tears. "Of course I'll marry you."

"You will?" He asked, looking shocked.

I nodded my head, kissing him softly. "Yes."

"Shit." He murmured. "I was prepared for some kind of resistance, I had a huge speech prepared because I thought I would have to talk you into it."

I shook my head. "No. I love you Brian and I want to marry you. More than anything."

He smiled, looking proud of himself. "You do?"

"Yes I do."

"Zack will kill me." He grinned.

"Zack can suck my fuck." I rumbled. "He's not marrying you." I snuggled up to him. "I am."

"Good. Now." He smiled slyly. "I have this vibrator I want to use."

I laughed. "I knew it."

"I'm joking Lola, but I knew exactly what you were thinking."

I smiled, he knew me so well.

"So Lola." He murmured, kissing my neck. "I am going to make love to you now and then when we're done we can go to your place and see if Matt and Alex got any, okay?"

"That is perfectly okay." I whispered as his lips went to work.

After we had a shower together, getting dressed and heading over to mine and Alex's place. I kept glancing at my hand. The ring was so beautiful, so perfect and I just loved it.

"Are you going to tell anyone?" Brian asked on the drive over.

"The whole wide world." I whispered, squeezing his leg.

"Good." He murmured.

We arrived home and I let us in. We could hear noise in the kitchen so we walked in to find Matt cooking and Alex sitting at the bench, watching him.

"Hi." I said walking in.

"Hi." Alex said smiling.

I looked at her, trying to see if there was some subtle difference but I couldn't tell. "So what have you two been doing?" I asked.

"Not much." Alex said smiling.

"Beer?" Matt asked Brian and of course he said yes.

"So what have you been up to?" Alex asked me and I smiled widely.

"This." I said holding out my left hand.

Her eye's widened and she grabbed my hand. "Lola, oh my god." She screeched.

"What?" Matt asked, looking at us.

"This." I said holding up my hand.

He smiled widely. "Congratulations." I watched as he shook Brian's hand then he came and hugged me. "This is great news, you guys should stay, Alex and I will cook dinner and we can celebrate."

"Yes." Alex agreed hugging me. "Go out back, we can grill some steaks. I'm so excited."

I stood up. "Thanks guy's." I said.

"Yeah." Brian added. "Your support means a lot." He took my hand, leading me outside. "At least those two are happy for us."

"They are." I said kissing him. "And I'm happy for us."

"Good." He smiled. "Now, do you think they got up to a little horizontal fun?"

I sighed. "I don't know, but I don't think so."

He shrugged. "Alex needs time I guess." He looked at me. "You need a drink, I'll go get you one."

"Nope." I said kissing him quickly. "I'll go get it."

"Don't be long." He murmured kissing me.

I turned and walked back inside and I stopped at the door looking. Matt and Alex were standing there, in front of the fridge, kissing somewhat passionately and holy shit, she had hold of his ass and he was caressing her boobs. Holy shit. I turned, running back out.

"Oh my god." I said throwing myself at Brian. "They did, they had to have."

"What?" He asked me looking confused.

"Matt and Alex." I giggled. "They're busy fondling each other in the kitchen."

Brian laughed. "Babe you're so funny."

I couldn't help it and I was still smiling when Matt and Alex came out the back to join us.

"Let's sit down." Alex said. "Enjoy ourselves."

Oh yes, I could see she was enjoying herself, especially when Matt squeezed her ass. Horny bastards.

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