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Lonely and Tired by AnaBeverhausen
Lonely and Tiredby AnaBeverhausen
Dear God Series - 1 A visit to her brother's burial site sets Stephanie on a collision course with her past. A lot of things have changed since the last time she saw Bri...
The Gynecologist by Zackys_babe
The Gynecologistby Drama Queen
Mary is a secretary and Zacky is Dr.Baker, a Gynecologist. Will sex turn into love? A LOT OF SEX SCENE! YOU'R WARNED
Hope Begins to Fade by AnaBeverhausen
Hope Begins to Fadeby AnaBeverhausen
Dear God Series - 2 Does everyone have just one soulmate? Or is there more than one person out there? When tragedy strikes can you find your way back to happiness with s...
Acid Rain by abbileeann
Acid Rainby Abbi
Blake has been going through some rough times so her friends decide to take her out on the town where she meets Synyster Gates from the famous band Avenged Sevenfold. Th...
Welcome To The Family  (Avenged Sevenfold) by tippilanea7x
Welcome To The Family (Avenged Queen Shadows
Alexandria had led a shelter a life and finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship until one day Lola knocks on her door. Lola is everything Alexandria is not and...
Arcane Guardian ↣ Avenged Sevenfold by FallOutFreak
Arcane Guardian ↣ Avenged Sevenfoldby jd
Ellowyn Clarke had a lonely childhood and a tumultuous home life, with nobody to guide her except her four imaginary friends. What happens when years later, what she tho...
A Forbidden Love by SynysterHarlot
A Forbidden Loveby Lisa
Elena Sanders, or as she prefers Ellie, has moved away from her father and the crazy night life of Las Vegas to the sunny beaches of Huntington Beach, California. Becomi...
What Happen On Tour, Stays On Tour (Synacky) by Issues_Trash
What Happen On Tour, Stays On Tammie
Zacky and Brian (Synyster Gates) are best friends/band mates. Is there something more? Will things work out or will Zacky be left heart broken? ***Warning Contains Slash...
A broken boy and cheap bottle of Whiskey [completed] by sweetrevenge7x
A broken boy and cheap bottle of siobhan
Zacky just moved school, he hates the fact that he had to but the more he sees of his new home the more he likes. he soon meets so awesome people who he can call his fri...
I Found You, Something Told Me To Stay - (Jason/Zacky) Version Two. by jasss149
I Found You, Something Told Me Jasmine :)
At an early age, Titch had learned to accept that her life was just how it was-loveless and disappointing. Having no real concept of family, she'd built walls around her...
A Little Piece Of Heaven (Avenged Sevenfold) by tippilanea7x
A Little Piece Of Heaven ( Queen Shadows
Will Charlotte get her happily ever after?
Avenged Sevenfold Giant/tiny One-shot Stories by Pikaglove
Avenged Sevenfold Giant/tiny Pikaglove
Formerly known as A Sleepless Night. I decided to change this into Gt stories about A7x, because it was a lot easier to just dump all my stories in one section rather th...
A Little Piece of Heaven by SynysterHarlot
A Little Piece of Heavenby Lisa
Sequel to Girl I Know From where we left off, Nikki and Brian got a little surprise. A baby on the way. What will happen between Nikki and Brian as the pregnancy carrie...
Book 1: The Beast and The Harlot (Avenged Sevenfold) by CyndyRadke
Book 1: The Beast and The Harlot ( Cyndy Radke
When two worlds are at war, A secret becomes unlocked that no one ever knew or thought. Angels and Demons, can they live together? Or is that how the war starts? Love dr...
Remenissions (Avenged Sevenfold) by tippilanea7x
Remenissions (Avenged Sevenfold)by Queen Shadows
What do you do when your best friend is marrying the wrong person?
Pinky Promise (Synacky) by foREVerADeathbat
Pinky Promise (Synacky)by Tonight the World Dies
*insert generic description for a fluffy Synacky story here*
The Stallion Man/ a7x [COMPLETED]  by nickhawkinbatcountry
The Stallion Man/ a7x [COMPLETED] by Nick Hawk
started on the 9th of may, 2019 ended on the 3rd of august 2019 nominated for Wattys2019 "I swear I saw him... You know I wouldn't lie when it comes to something li...