Chapter 1

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Alexandria's POV

"Okay, so do you want me to come over and sign like a lease or something?" She asked quickly.
I looked at my phone, raising my eyebrows. "Um I guess."
"Oh great, oh good, yay." She gushed.
She was Lola, my new housemate. I'd decided on her after interviewing so many people, it had taken me weeks and some of the people I'd met had been truly terrifying, except for Lola, but listening to her talk, I was wondering if I'd regret that decision.
"Can you come by tomorrow morning?" I asked her calmly.
"Yes of course." She said. "What time?"
"Say about ten thirty, before I go to work?"
"Yep that's fine." She told me. "Oh and Alexandria, do you mind if I bring my brother with me?"
"Not at all."
"Good, he'll want to look around, meet you, he's a worrier."
"No that's perfectly fine." I told her.
"So I can move in on the weekend? My brother and his friends will probably help, that's okay, yeah?"
I raised my eyebrows again. She was a talker, I'll give her that. "Yep that's fine." I said.
"Great well I'll see you tomorrow." She told me. "Oh and Alex, you and I are going to be great friends, I can just tell."
"Not if you call me Alex." I muttered, hanging up. I hated Alex, it made me cringe.
"So, is she moving in?" Brandon, my boyfriend asked, walking back in with a drink.
"She certainly is."
"I don't know why you suddenly need a house mate." He muttered, sitting down on the couch.
"I've told you before, this house is just too big for me and I'm sick of being alone."
"Yeah yeah." He mumbled.
This house, my house, was pretty big. I owned it. I'd inherited it five years ago, after my parents died in a car accident, and honestly, I hated this house, so much, but it was the only part of my parents I had left so I couldn't leave, even if I wanted to.
"Well you won't move in with me." I snapped.
"Alexandria, you know why." He said looking at me.
"Yeah, because you don't want to live together until we're married."
"Exactly." He said smiling.
"But it's okay to fuck me before we're married." I snapped.
He groaned. "Please, let's not start this again."
"Start what?" I asked. "Talking about your lame excuses that you use so you don't have to make a commitment?"
"Come on." He said. "I'm not making excuses Alexandria." He grabbed my hand, pulling me down next to him. "Five years we've been together, five years, I'm not going anywhere."
"Yeah well maybe I am." I mumbled.
He laughed, the asshole. "No you're not sugar lips, you love me too much."
God how I wished he was wrong, but he wasn't. We'd met not long after my parents died and he'd been a saint, helping through, always there for me. He just wouldn't make a commitment. He always told me we would live together after we were married, but here I was waiting, he hadn't even fucking proposed yet.
"It'll be good for you, this Lola girl moving in." He went on. "Who knows, maybe you'll be best friends."
I pictured her, black hair, piercings, tattoos, the complete opposite of me. "I doubt it."
"Be positive Alexandria, you're so uptight."
I glared at him. I wasn't uptight. "I am not."
"Please." He laughed, pulling me close. "You're the most organised person I know."
"And what is wrong with being organised?"
"Nothing." He murmured kissing me. "Nothing at all. I just hope this house mate decision doesn't back fire."
I hoped it didn't too. But I liked her, even if she was completely different to me. "It won't."
He chuckled, standing up. "Can I take you out for lunch before you go to work?"
I quickly looked at the clock, calculating the time in my head. "A quick lunch."
"See?" He said as I stood up. "Uptight, gotta stick to your schedule."
I hit him before heading into my room to get ready. I was organised, not fucking uptight.
I looked around my bedroom, my spotless bedroom, grabbing my perfectly ironed uniform.
Okay, maybe I was a little uptight.
But I'd never tell him that.

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