Chapter 7

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Alexandria's POV

I'd managed to excuse myself long enough to have a shower and I couldn't help but smile, they were a persistent bunch of people but I think I liked them. I liked having Lola around, she was a bit messy but I enjoyed her constant noise, her music, always talking to herself. And her brother and his friends had seemed to make themselves right at home, but it was okay, which surprised me, the fact that I was okay with it.
I walked out of the bathroom and stopped. Brandon was sitting on the bed.
"They're here again." He said.
"Well Lola invited them."
"But it's your house Alexandria." He told me.
"I really don't mind."
"Well you should." He said, standing up. "Look at them, they don't exactly look like nice people and you're just letting them roam all over your house."
"Don't be ridiculous." I said.
"I'm hardly being ridiculous." He snapped, taking a step towards me.
"ALEXXXXX." Lola screamed from downstairs. "FOOOOD."
I took a step towards the door and Brandon grabbed my arm.
"I just thought tonight we might get to spend some time together."
I shrugged. "Sorry." I mumbled, turning and heading down the stairs.
I walked into the kitchen and was greeted by everyone feeding their faces. While I was in the shower the others had obviously arrived.
"Eat." Zack said, shoving a plate at me. "Are you having any?" He asked Brandon, who'd followed me into the kitchen.
"Uh nope, I have to head off." He muttered, and I felt relieved. "Alexandria can you walk me to the door?"
I didn't want to but I nodded, following him any way.
"Look." He said, stopping at the door and turning around. "Just call me when you're free."
"You're being ridiculous Brandon." I said.
He snorted. "Yeah right."
I shook my head and he reached out, pulling me close, hugging me tightly, too tight. "Don't sass me Alexandria." He growled in my ear. "It doesn't suit you."
"Hey." Lola said, suddenly appearing. "Foods getting cold."
Brandon let me go and I stepped away.
"I'll call you tomorrow." He muttered, turning and leaving.
I let out a huge breath, closing the door.
"Everything okay?" Lola asked softly.
"Oh it's fine." I told her smiling, how could I explain that that was just how Brandon was?
"Okay." She said, grabbing my hand and dragging me back to the kitchen.
"We're going outside." Zack announced, heading out back.
I noticed his girlfriend was still sitting quietly at the bench so I sat down next to her as the other's headed out back.
"Coming?" Lola asked and I shook my head. She shrugged, turning and leaving.
"You don't want to go?" I asked her.
She smiled and I was shocked at how beautiful she was. "When they're all together I find it a little overwhelming."
I nodded, watching as the giant came from outside and headed straight into the entertainment room.
"They are aren't they." I said.
"Very and I'm not sure how you live with Lola." She added.
She sighed, pushing her food around. "She's very opinionated and she doesn't really like me much."
"Oh." I wasn't sure what to say.
"Yeah, but anyway Alexandria, tell me about you. This house, it's beautiful."
"It was my parents." I said softly.
"Yeah, they died in an accident a few years ago, I got everything, so here I am."
"God I'm so sorry." She said.
"Me too."
"Lola said you work alot."
"I guess I do." I said shrugging. "I mean sometimes I cover extra shifts."
She nodded. "What do you do?"
"I'm a midwife." I said smiling. If one thing made me smile, it was my job.
"Seriously?" She asked, looking shocked.
"Wow, I'm impressed, well no wonder you work alot." She said, finally taking a mouthful of food. "I work in retail, so sadly my job isn't that exciting."
"I'm sure it is." I told her.
We were interrupted by Lola charging back inside, looking angry. "Brian is such a dick." She muttered, putting her plate down and heading upstairs.
"Um, what's with her and Brian?" I asked, watching Lola walk off.
Sarah shook her head. "I don't know, it's all so complicated. I think maybe they used to have a thing, but it didn't turn out, but I don't really know."
I nodded. I wasn't surprised. It was obvious they'd had a thing.
It was obvious to me that they still did.

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