Chapter 4

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Alexandria's POV

Oh my god, what had I done? I think I'd made a horrible mistake. My house was being overrun by huge heavily tattooed men. Well one of them was remarkably smaller than the others, but still. They were currently in my backyard, swimming in my pool, drinking beer, oh well except for the giant, he was in my entertainment room, with his feet on my sofa. HIS FEET. He had on runners and worse, I was pretty sure he wasn't wearing socks.
I peered out the back, cringing as one of them ran screaming and then jumping in the pool. I could only imagine what my neighbors thought.
I took a deep breath. I'd go upstairs, see if Lola needed some help and as I walked past the entertainment room I told myself not to look, but I did and oh god, he was laying down, his giant self sprawled all over the place, and jesus, he had a beer.
I walked quickly upstairs, mentally calming myself and I knocked lightly on Lola's door.
"Come in." She called.
"Oh." I said, poking my head in. "Do you need a hand?"
"God yes." She said smiling. "Would you mind hanging those clothes in the closet for me?" She pointed to a large pile of clothes and I nodded, opening the closet.
I grabbed some hangers and started on her clothes. So many black t - shirts, so many.
"So your friends are um rowdy." I said casually.
She laughed. "I guess."
I smiled, grabbing yet another black shirt.
"They're big teddy bears Alex."
"Alexandria." I corrected her.
"They look tough but they're not, believe me." She went on, ignoring what I'd said. "Zack is sweet, he only gets angry if someone fucks with me."
Oh look, a black dress, I thought hanging it up. "Well brothers do that."
"Yeah, and Matt, the one playing the game, well he's the sweetest guy you'll ever meet, wouldn't hurt a soul."
Except my sofa.
"And Brian, the one who was late, he's just so....." She trailed off.
I looked at her. "So what?"
"Nice." She said flatly.
Nice? I detected something there but I wasn't sure what.
"Yeah nice." She said walking over and beginning to hang things up.
Obviously it wasn't something she wanted to discuss so I let it go.
"So, I know you work, but what exactly is that you do?" I asked her.
"Oh I work for those dickheads." She told me.
"You do?"
"Yeah, I do alot of running around for them, paperwork, that kind of stuff. Sometimes they're just too busy."
I nodded, okay. "So what do they do that they need an assistant?"
She looked at me like I was stupid. "They're in a band."
I nodded.
"Avenged Sevenfold?"
I shook my head. "Never heard of them."
"Well you will now." She said.
Why was I mildly terrified at that thought.
"I also work for Zack's clothing company."
"Yeah Vengeance University?"
I shook my head again. "Don't know that either."
"It's okay Alex, we'll introduce you to it all."She said hugging me.
"Alexandria." I said looking at her, not sure why the heck she hugged me. "So, um, your boyfriend?"
"He's a dick." She suddenly snapped, throwing a shirt on the floor. "He can't make a commitment. Four years Alex, four years we've been together and nothing. I'm pretty much done with him."
"Alexandria and you should try five years." I said softly.
"Sorry?" Lola asked.
"I've been with mine for five years and nothing." I told her quietly. "Ugh, men are dicks." She snapped.
I nodded, I had to agree with her there.
"Well maybe it's time you and I moved on Alex." She said smiling. "Maybe that's what brought us together."
I smiled nodding, but I was pretty sure the fact that I hated living in this house alone was what brought us together.
"HEY YOU TWO BITCHES." Someone downstairs suddenly screamed.
I flinched and Lola smiled. "Brian." She said. "WHAT?"
"OF COURSE WE DO YOU FUCKWIT." Lola screamed back. "Pizza?" She asked me.
I nodded.
Oh dear lord and sweet baby jesus, what had I done?

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