Chapter 70

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Matt's POV

My mood was bad, it had been bad since the wedding yesterday. The whole fucking day was a disaster, not for Brian and Lola, it had been great for them, but for me it was shit. Seeing Alex had hurt, seeing Alex having a good time had hurt even worse. I still wanted to kill Johnny, he'd been flirting with her and I'm sure he was doing it on purpose. Alex was to innocent to realise it, but I knew he was trying to piss me off and he succeeded.

I'd tried to talk to Alex at the wedding, but it had been hopeless, she'd never had a moment alone and when she did, my date had been talking to me.

Date, what a fucking joke. What the hell had I been doing, thinking dating would help me, it hadn't, all it did was make me want Alex more. I'd realised that she was the only girl I wanted in my life. I loved her and there was nobody that could ever replace her in my life. I needed her, I just wasn't me without Alex. How is it that you can become so attached to someone that they define who you are? But that's what happened, Alex was a part of who I was, and I wanted it to stay that way.

I had to work out a way to fix it with her, I needed to make her listen to me and I only hoped that me having a date hadn't ruined it for me. Surely once I explained nothing happened and that I'd hated every minute of the dates I'd gone on, she'd be okay. I was hoping anyway.

I was laying in bed this morning, wondering how the hell I was going to get Alex to talk to me when Brian had called. He called to let me know that he and Lola were leaving soon and that Alex would be home by herself. I knew he was worried about her, I was worried about her being alone and basically he'd asked me to check on her. He handed me an excuse to go and see her and I was more than grateful.

I procrastinated and kept putting off going over, but the later it got the more worried I got. I really did hate the idea of Alex being alone, I always worried that something would happen to her when I wasn't around to protect and I would die for that girl, she was my everything.

It was late by the time I had the nerve to go over, so I grabbed a few things and drove over. I was going to stay there, regardless of whether Alex wanted me to or not.

When I pulled up the house was in darkness and I pulled out my key, letting myself in quietly and re-arming the alarm. Alex was obviously in bed so I decided to head into the kitchen, have a drink before I went to bed.

I was looking in the fridge, there was a lot of food and I was deciding if I wanted to eat something or not, when suddenly there was a commotion. Before I could react Pinkly had attached herself to my ankle, trying to rip my leg off. I leant down to grab her when suddenly I was belted over the head.

"Fuck." I yelled and bang, I was hit again.

It was Alex, she was beating the shit out of me and I reached out, grabbing hold of what she was hitting with me.

"Alex." I yelled, hanging onto what was an umbrella. "Stop, it's me."

She looked at me with wide eye's and I realised she was terrified. "What the fuck are you doing here?" She sobbed. I was shocked, I must have scared her, she swore, Alex never swore.

"Fuck." I mumbled, reaching up and rubbing my head. "I came to check on you."

"By sneaking in, in the middle of the night Matt?" She shrieked.

"I thought you were asleep."

"I was." She yelled. "Until I heard someone sneaking around in the middle of the night."

"Sorry." I mumbled. I felt like an ass and my head was hurting where she'd hit me.

Pinkly was now trying to lick my ankle and I looked at her, ten seconds ago she was trying to rip my leg off.

I reached down and picked her up. "You're a great guard dog." I said to her and she rewarded me with a lick, looking a little ashamed for attacking me.

"Why are you here?" Alex demanded and I looked at her, as usual she looked beautiful.

"Brian asked me to check on you."

She groaned. "Fine, I'm going back to bed." And she turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Pinkly wiggled and I put her down, she followed Alex further into the house, I guess into her bedroom.

Well that didn't go as planned, all I'd managed to do was scare the fuck out of everybody and now I had a headache. It was my fault honestly, I don't know why I thought sneaking into a house in the middle of the night was a good idea anyway.

As I originally planned, I grabbed a drink out of the fridge and leant on the bench drinking it, thinking. Now I was here what was I going to do. I really wanted to talk to Alex, but after what had just happened I was guessing she really didn't want to talk right now. I can't say I blamed her.

I finished my drink and grabbed my bag that I'd left in the foyer, heading towards one of the spare rooms. I walked down the hall and came across the only closed door. I knew Alex was in there and I paused for a minute.

Fuck it. I reached out and opened the door softly, peaking in. Pinkly sat up growling at me and Alex was curled up on one side of the bed. I wasn't sure if she was sleeping or not.

God I missed her. I missed her so much and I took a deep breath, closing the door softly.

Pinkly had better make room for me because I was sleeping in this bed, if Alex wouldn't listen to me, I guess I'd have to show her how much I care, even if it meant another smack in the head.

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