Chapter 46

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Alexandria's POV

I quickly glanced in the mirror. Did I look okay? Damn I wished Lola was here so I could ask her. I was feeling self conscious. I had on one of my dresses, I thought it was beautiful, but now I wasn't so sure and I was second guessing everything. I'd worked myself up into a state about this whole sex thing and I just needed to calm down.

I took a deep breath, looking at myself. My dress was perfect, my hair and make up perfect, now all I had to do was put my shoes on and go downstairs. Matt was downstairs waiting and damn, just the thought of him gave me butterflies in my stomach. Yes, I think I was going to sleep with him tonight, I think I'm ready, for him at least, I just needed to calm down and try not to ruin anything with my nervousness.

I put on my nicest pair of heels and glanced one last time at myself before heading downstairs. I walked down quietly and I could hear music coming from the entertainment room, I guessed Matt was waiting in there.

"I'm ready." I said softly, walking in.

He jumped up, and oh, he looked so handsome in his dress shirt. "You ready?" He smiled and then he stopped.

"What?" Oh god what was wrong with me?

"What, nothing, oh shit Alex." He mumbled. "You look beautiful."

I smiled. "I do?"

"Yes." He said walking over to me. "You do, and I am very lucky."

I smiled up at him and he leant over, kissing me softly. "Let's go." He murmured.

We of course took my car and Matt held my hand on the drive. He'd chosen a very quiet restaurant that was a little out of the way, but very quaint, very nice and most importantly, not crowded.

We ordered food and some wine, then sat back and talked. It was just so nice. Matt was just so nice and once again I thanked my lucky stars for Lola moving in and introducing us.

"So I've been thinking I might go back to work next week." I told him over dessert.

"Oh really?" He asked and he looked a little disappointed.

"Yeah I think so." I said, nodding.

"Ugh Alex." He said taking my hand. "I won't see you, you'll be at work all the time and I've gotten used to you being at the studio and I'll miss you." He said the last part softly.

"I'll miss you." I said smiling.

"So, don't go."

"I need to work." I told him.

"Fine Alex, I understand, but cut your hours back, I don't know, two shifts a week." He suggested.

I smiled, I would love to do that. "I might just do that."

"Good." He said, squeezing my hand. "I'd really like it if you did."

We finished eating and walked slowly back to the car holding hands.

"What do you want to do now?" He asked.

I got up on my tip toes and kissed him. "I don't mind." But I really wanted to say 'Let's go home and see what happens'

"Home?" He asked.

Good god, he was a mind reader. "Sure."

We got in the car and the trip home was quiet, just the radio playing softly in the background, Matt holding my hand.

We arrived home and made our way inside. "Coffee?" I asked Matt.

He smiled and nodded heading into the entertainment room and I made us both a cup, taking them in and sitting beside him.

He was flicking through the cable channels, seeing what was on. "When are you going to go into work?" He asked me.

I took a sip of my coffee. "Maybe Monday, after my appointment with Karen."

"I'm glad you're seeing her." He said softly, putting his coffee down and grabbing mine and placing it next to his. "Really glad." He murmured pulling me into his arm's and kissing me softly.

I reached up, wrapping my arm's around his neck, letting my fingers play with his hair softly, enjoying it. And I was, I enjoyed every single moment I was with Matt, every single moment. It didn't matter what we were doing, whether we were talking, kissing, just sitting next to each other, I loved every minute of it.

I closed my eye's as his lips made their way down my neck, then back up to my lips and I wanted to get closer to him, curl up on his lap, but my stupid shoes were still on.

"Wait." I whispered, and Matt looked disappointed, until he saw me reach down and pull my shoes off.

He smiled watching me, then wrapped me up in his embrace as I positioned myself on his lap, getting comfortable.

Well this was it. We were on the couch, kissing and I was waiting for something to happen, anything. I was so nervous, unsure and excited all at once and as Matt's tongue pushed it's way gently into my mouth and his thumb gently caressed my nipple through my shirt I realised I was something else.

I was horny.

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