Chapter 33

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Matt's POV

"Seriously." Brian said. "I'm hungry."
"Shut up." Lola snapped from the back seat and I internally groaned, this is exactly what it was like the last time.
"I'm going to stop at Longbeach okay." I told him. "We'll get something there."
"Sounds good." Brian chirped.
I glanced in the rear view mirror at Alex, she was looking out the window smiling. And yes, I had moved the mirror so I could look at her and damn, she looked beautiful. I was more than a little disappointed that Brian had sat in the front, I'd have preferred it be Alex.
I found a park and we all climbed out of the car.
"There's a place down here," Brian told us, heading in the direction.
I followed wondering if I should hold Alex's hand or not. I wasn't sure how she would feel about it, I mean I wanted to but I didn't know if she wanted anyone else knowing about us.
"Hey dickhead." Brian snapped. "I said this is it."
I'd been so lost in my thoughts that I'd almost walked straight past it.
We walked inside and were greeted by a girl. As soon as she saw us her eye's bulged and I just knew this was a bad idea.
"Table for 4." She said.
"Fuck I'm surprised she can count." Lola muttered and I couldn't help but smile.
She led us to a table and as we neared it I looked around, the place was pretty crowded and I could see people watching us. This was not going to be a peaceful lunch.
"Can I get you a drink?" She asked, only addressing Brian and I.
"I'll have a beer." Brian said.
"Not if you think you're driving that car." Lola told him.
"Yeah I'll have a beer." Brian told her and I thought Lola might explode.
"What do you want?" I asked Alex softly.
"Just a coke." She murmured.
Damn I was an idiot. Coming to this restaurant had been a bad idea, Alex wasn't used to alot of people and I could see it was making her uncomfortable.
"Two cokes." I told the waitress, slipping my arm around Alex's shoulder.
I was relieved when I felt her relax and she looked at me and smiled.
"Excuse me but would you mind if I got a picture with you?" Somebody suddenly asked.
Before I could protest, Brian agreed and suddenly we were surrounded by people wanting photographs. Normally I didn't mind, but I could see it made Alex uncomfortable and she really was my priority now.
By the time everyone got their picture and we sat back down, Lola was looking pissed and Alex was staring down at her hands.
Fuck. I felt bad.
"Are you ready to order?" The waitress asked, suddenly reappearing.
We all ordered, except for Alex, she was just staring at the menu,
"What are you having?" The waitress asked, somewhat harshly.
"I'm not hungry." Alex said softly.
"She'll have the same as me." I snapped, slipping my arm around her shoulder.
"Fine." She sighed walking away.
"Such a pleasant atmosphere." Lola muttered.
I leant over , putting my lips to Alex's ear. "You okay?" I murmured.
She nodded and I kissed the side of her head. Fuck it, I didn't particularly care who saw.
She reached over, grabbing my other hand and entwining her fingers in mine.
"Well eat and leave." I murmured. "Okay?"
"Okay." She murmured looking at me.
Damn, she was beautiful and I leant over, kissing her softly.
"Calm down." Brian laughed and I heard Lola hit him.
Alex smiled and I kissed her nose.
Finally our meals came and we all ate, well except Alex, she picked, but at least she ate something.
"I'm ready." I announced after I finished.
"Me too." Lola said standing up.
Brian stood up, drinking his beer.
Suddenly the waitress appeared from nowhere. "Do you mind taking a picture with me?" She asked.
I put my arm around Alex. "Yeah actually I do mind." I told her, leading Alex outside.
We stepped out into the sunshine and I pulled Alex into my arm's. "God that place was horrible." I said.
She nodded against my chest as Lola walked out.
"He's taking a picture with her." She snapped.
"Come on, he can catch up." I told her and we headed for the car.
By the time we got to the car Brian had caught up.
"Who's driving?" He asked.
"Lola." I said digging the keys out of my pocket and handing them to her.
"Told you not to drink." She snapped.
Alex climbed in the back, which is the reason I wanted Lola to drive. I wanted to sit with Alex, talk, hold her.
I moved over next to her, putting my arm around her and pulling her into shoulder. She smiled, resting her head.
I watched her as we drove and I reached up, stroking her cheek.
Damn I really wanted to make this work. I knew it was going to be hard, with everything Alex had been through, but I meant what I'd said, I wanted to help her and I was honestly willing to do anything for her.
I reached up, grabbing her chin gently and turned her face to mine, kissing her.
I wanted this to work.
I needed this to work.

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