Chapter 13

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Alexandria's POV

I smiled. What a great party. I was so very lucky to have met these people, I was lucky to have met Lola. All of them were just so nice and I felt kind of lucky that they'd so openly accepted me as a friend, and I guess that's what I'd call them, my friends.
"Drink?" Matt asked.
I shook my head. "I might go home soon." I told him. "I'm getting a little tired."
"I'll take you."
Gosh he was just so sweet, like a big brother I never had. "Don't be silly." I said. "Stay. I think Lola is probably staying." I'd seen her and Brian exchanging stares at eachother all night.
"I don't mind leaving." He smiled.
"I insist, just do me a favor and call me a taxi?" I asked him.
"Of course." He said, taking out his phone.
I headed over to Sarah and Zack. "I'm going to head home, just say bye to the other's for me." I asked them.
"Of course." They agreed, both if them hugging me.
I smiled again, such good people.
"Call me as soon as you get home." Matt told me as I climb into the taxi.
"Don't be silly."
"I mean it." He told me.
"Okay okay." I laughed, waving as we drove away.
"It's nice of your boyfriend to look out for you like that." The taxi driver said as we approached my house.
"Oh." I said, pulling out money and handing it to him. "He's just a friend."
He smiled and nodded, taking my money. "Have a nice night."
I got out, watching him drive away. I headed up the path, looking at the house. It looked so big and dark and for a second I felt a little frightened.
I should have listened to my instinct, I should have left, but I didn't. I really wished I had.
I unlocked the door, flicking on the lights. The first thing I noticed was the cord sitting on the sideboard. I swear I got rid of that. Just the sight of it made me nervous.
"Where the fuck have you been?" He asked, coming from the darkness that was the kitchen.
"A party." I answered quickly.
"You went to a party dressed like that?" He snorted, walking towards me. "You look like a slut."
I didn't reply, I knew not to talk back.
"Who'd you fuck?" He demanded and I shook my head slowly. "Fuck Alexandria, how did this happen? Everything was fine, you were behaving and then you had to go and let her move in." I put my head down, looking at my feet. "She has to move out you know?"
"Of course." I said quickly.
"But Alexandria, you know I don't like doing it, but I'm going to have to punish you."
That was a lie. He liked it, I know he did.
"No please Brandon." I cried as he picked up the cord, it was a power cord and I watched as he wrapped one end around his hand. "I've learnt my lesson, I won't do it again."
"Turn around." He said. I shook my head, and he reached out, grabbing my face and squeezing it. "Turn the fuck around Alexandria."
"Please." I whispered.
"Turn around."
There was no use pleading, he was too angry, so I turned around slowly, bracing myself.
He whipped the cord across the back of my legs and I bit my lip. I wouldn't cry out, he liked that.
Suddenly my phone went off and he grabbed my purse, pulling it out.
He grunted, typing something. "You are fucking him." He snarled, throwing my phone at my head.
Oh god, I'd never seen him so angry and I leant down, pulling my shoes off. I needed to run.
"I'm not."
He whipped me across the knees and that was it, I turned towards the kitchen and started running.
What had I been thinking. I'd hardly gone three steps before he grabbed my hair, pulling me to a stop.
"Don't you fucking dare." He growled into my ear.
He grabbed my neck, holding me away from him, whipping my back and this time I couldn't help it, I screamed.
"Please stop, you're right, of course you're right, I'll never do it again."
He laughed, turning me around. "Damn right you'll never do it again." He snapped, grabbing me by the throat. "You won't do a damn thing again."
He started lifting me by the throat, until only my tippy toes were touching the ground.
"I cannot believe you." He yelled, walking me backwards. "After everything I've done for you."
I reached up, grabbing at his hands. I couldn't breath and my lungs were burning, my eye's watering.
"I did everything for you." He screamed, slamming me against the wall. "And this is how you repay me."
I kept grabbing at his hands, I needed air, my vision was beginning to go dark around the edges and I was scared that if I did pass out he'd kill me.
Suddenly he let go and I slid down the wall, gasping.
"How many times did you fuck?" He hissed, his face millimeters from mine.
"I didn't." I croaked.
"You fucking lying slut." He screamed, grabbing my throat again and pushing me against the wall. "I'll fucking show you." He grunted, reaching down between us.
I couldn't breath but now I didn't care. I knew what he was going to do and I couldn't stand it, I didn't want him touching me like that, I didn't want his thing anywhere near me.
I felt him grab at my underwear and I grabbed at his hands, the one grabbing my throat and the one grabbing my underwear.
He released his grip on my throat long enough for me to scream, and I screamed, a terrifying scream, because I knew what was going to happen and he knew I hated it.
He smiled, squeezing my throat closed again.
"I'm going to fuck you until you bleed." He hissed.
Oh god I hated sex, it was disgusting and it hurt. Alot of grunting and pain and I wasn't sure what all the fuss was about.
"Slut." He spat again.
And I looked at him as darkness blurred my vision.
I finally passed out.
I gladly passed out.

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