Chapter 51

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Matt's POV

I told Alex I'd check the mail box, but I had an ulterior motive, I liked to watch her ass when she walked up the steps. So I turned and watched her walk up the them, she had on one of her skirts and that shit drove me insane, tonight I planned on showing her exactly how much.

I walked to the mailbox smiling. Alex and I had a great relationship, in and out of the bedroom. I loved just spending time with her, doing anything, it didn't matter what we were doing, we always had fun, and in the bedroom, well yeah, we always enjoyed that time together, which was a lot, our sex life was amazing.

I grabbed the mail, smiling to myself and headed up the path. There was an official looking envelope here for Alex, and I held it up, wondering what it was.

"Babe." I called out. "There's something here for you."

"Leave Matt." She called out. "Just go home."

I hesitated for a second. Did she just tell me to leave? Did I do something?

"What?" I mumbled. Her voice sounded strange and I headed into the kitchen. "Alex, what the fuck are you talking about?"

"Well glad you joined us." And I looked up to see Brandon standing there.

Whata the fuck was he doing here? He wasn't touching her, no way was he getting anywhere near her. I had a million thoughts running through my head, that was until I noticed he had a gun.

I walked up behind Alex, whispering under my breath. "What the fuck man." Then I looked at him. "What are you doing man?"

Suddenly Alex started talking to him, telling him that they should go somewhere private and talk. There was no way MY Alex was going anywhere with this maniac and I gently put my hand on her shoulder, just so she knew I was there, right behind her. This was absolutely crazy, he was insane.

"What are you doing mate?" I asked him. "What is this going to solve."

I should have kept my mouth shut, because I was pretty sure that just my presence angered him. He raised his gun, pointing it at me, telling me to shut up, then yelling at Lola, who was sitting at the bench looking terrified.

Lola shut up and he walked closer to me, still pointing the gun at me. "You have something that belongs to me and I intend on getting it back."

Like fuck I did and like fuck he was getting anywhere near Alex. He wouldn't get close to her because I wouldn't let him and I was hoping he would come a little closer so I could have a go at him. One punch should do it.

"Of course." Alex said quickly. "Of course you can."

I groaned quietly. I wished she wouldn't say that to him. What if he took her somewhere else? He would hurt her and I wasn't letting that happen, not Alex, my Alex, he needed to learn that she was mine and I was fucked if I was letting him anywhere near her.

"I don't have anything that belongs to you." I snapped. Fuck him, it was true.

"What the fuck did you say?" He asked, pointing the gun at my head.

This guy was truly mad and I began to feel a little unsettled. This situation was getting out of control and I needed to get Alex out of here.

"Stop." Alex said suddenly. "Just stop what you're doing." And she stepped towards him.

I tried to stop her, but I was off guard and so stepped towards him and then the world exploded.

The noise of the gun shot in such a small room hurt my ears and I stood there, waiting for the pain but I felt nothing. All I could hear was Lola screaming and all I could see was Alex, she'd stopped in her tracks, to afraid to move.

Brandon looked at me with wide eye's. I guess he was shocked he'd missed. Fuck I was shocked he missed.

"Man what are you doing?" I asked him again.

He was shaking and he kept looking at Alex. That made me nervous, how he would look at Alex and his eye's would widen.

"Lola." I snapped. "Stop it." He screaming was killing me, she was terrified but she was aggravating the situation.

"Fuck." Brandon whispered, dropping the gun. "Fuck." 

I was shocked. He dropped the gun and he turned and walked out of the back door. I didn't care, he was gone, as long as he stayed gone.

"Alex." Lola groaned loudly and she honestly looked like she might pass out at any moment, her eye's were wide and she was shaking so badly.

"Baby are you alright?" I asked Alex gently and she turned around slowly, looking at me.

He eye's were wide and her mouth open. "What happened?" She whispered.

I looked at her, then I looked down. She had both of her hands clutched over her stomach. There was blood, a lot of blood.

"Alex." I said quickly, grabbing her gently. "Alex, did he get you?"

She nodded and a tear fell down her cheek. "It hurts." She whispered and her lips were red, she had blood in her mouth.

I groaned loudly. This wasn't happening, not to Alex, I wouldn't let it. Nothing was going to happen to Alex. "Lola, call an ambulance." I snapped, taking Alex and gently lowering her to the floor.

I looked around, seeing the clothes basket. I grabbed a couple of towels, pressing them gently to her stomach. Blood, so much blood.

I looked over and Lola was still sitting there. "LOLA." I screamed and she jumped up, running to the phone.

I looked down at Alex and I smiled. She looked so scared and I leant down kissing her forehead. "It's okay Alex, you're okay." I reassured.

But that was a lie. It wasn't okay. I could see from the amount of blood that it wasn't okay, but I didn't want Alex to know, and I didn't want Alex to know I was terrified.

Because I truly was.

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