Chapter 28

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Zack's POV

I heard the front door open and Sarah came in, lugging some bags.
I jumped up, grabbing them off her. "Did you get everything you need?"
"I did." She said kissing my cheek.
"The car?"
"Yes Zack, we got the car." She laughed. "Alex was just going home to shower and then she's coming over so you can see it." She headed for the kitchen. "And if you're a good boy, she might let you take it for a drive."
Sarah had gone with Alex to pick up her new car and it was a Chevy Camaro and I was dying to get a look at it.
"Man I hope so." I told her.
"I'm not entirely sure why she brought that car." Sarah said, unpacking the bags. "It's a little out there."
"Matt probably talked her into it."
"Yeah and it was really nice of him to back out on his promise too." She said. "Calling late and saying he got caught up."
I shrugged. "Maybe he did, but speaking of Matt." I said turning to her. "He's bringing a date tonight."
"Yep apparently he took his head out of his games long enough to meet some girl and he's bringing her tonight."
Sarah looked at me strangely. "Really?"
"Yep, he messaged me not too long ago."
"So now I have to cook for one extra." She snapped.
I looked at her frowning. "Sorry babe, I didn't think it would be an issue, I'll help."
"It's fine, Alex is coming to help."
I got up and pulled her into my arms, kissing her softly. "I love you." I whispered.
"I love you, you dumb shit. Now." She said putting her hands on my chest and pushing me away. "You invited all your friends over for dinner, let me cook."
"Okay, okay."
I sat at the bench, watching her chop and get things ready. She was amazing to me and lately I was considering asking her to marry me.
"Are you going to get that?" She suddenly asked.
"The door."
I'd been so engrossed in her, I hadn't even heard the doorbell ring. "Yep." I said, walking out and opening the door.
"Hi." Alex said smiling.
She held up her car keys. "Want to look?"
I quickly snatched them off her, running down the steps. It was fucking amazing, it really was.
"You can take it for a drive."
"Maybe later." I told her. "Everyone will be coming over soon."
"True." She said, following me back inside.
"I'll go shower." I told the girls as Alex automatically started helping Sarah. They basically ignored me, too busy discussing the cute little heels Alex was wearing.
I quickly showered and by the time I got back downstairs Brian and Lola were there.
"Thank fuck." Brian said to me. "Girls."
"Beer?" I suggested and he nodded, looking relieved.
We grabbed a beer, sitting down.
"So." Sarah said. "Matt's bringing a date."
"Fucking what?" Lola snapped.
I looked at the three girls, standing there.
"Yep, he messaged Zack."
"What is the problem with Matt dating?" Brian asked.
"Nothing." Lola said.
"A little advanced warning would have been nice." Sarah said quickly.
What was their problem? The only one who wasn't bitching was Alex and she was standing there quietly, like she always did.
"Wonder what she's like?" Brian asked and just then the doorbell rang.
"I guess we're going to find out." I said getting up.
I opened the door and Matt was standing there with a very attractive girl and I had to say, they complimented each other.
"Zack." Matt said walking in. "This is Siobhan."
"Nice to meet you." I said, shaking her hand. "Come on in, meet everyone else."
Brian and Lola had moved to the living room so I led them in there, allowing Matt to make the introductions. I noticed Lola was a little cold, my sister really was a bitch.
"Come out and meet her." I said to Sarah and Alex as I walked into the kitchen.
"Cooking." Sarah snapped, glancing at Alex.
I looked at Alex, she was standing at the fridge, staring in it and I kind of felt bad, she had issues with people and rightly so and I guess it was something neither Matt or I thought of when he'd decided to bring a date.
"Well when you're ready." I said softly, turning to head back to the living room.
"Is Alex in there?" Matt asked, as I ran straight into him.
"Yeah, dude her car." I grinned.
He nodded, looking over my shoulder. "Yeah."
I shook my head. It seemed everyone was a little moody today.
"Your date."
"She's pretty nice." He told me.
"Very nice, hopefully she'll go on more than two dates with you."
"I hope so." He said smiling, walking back into the living room.
I followed him, I hoped so. Matt deserved a nice girlfriend and who knows, maybe Siobhan was the one.

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