Chapter 40

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Brian's POV

I walked in. I was prepared for another shit fight, Zack had been pissed at me all week. It had been a long weekend and now it was turning into a long week. It was Thursday and we still had tomorrow.

I glanced around avoiding the stare of Zack. He was sitting there glaring at me. I swear to fuck, he'd kill me if he could.

"Morning." Sarah chirped.

Good, at least someone was still talking to me.

"Morning." I said smiling. "Matt not here yet?"

"Not yet?" She told me. "But he shouldn't be too long."

I smiled and nodded.

"Why?" Zack suddenly asked.

"Just wondering."

"Yeah well wonder away." He said standing up. "And stay the fuck away from my sister."

And there it was. I knew it was coming, I'd been waiting for him to say it all week. Like I didn't already know he disapproved of Lola and I, please, he made it so fucking obvious.

"Whatever." I snapped. "I'll see whoever the fuck I want."

"No you fucking won't." He yelled. "You fucked with her again, I told her to stay away from you, but no, she wouldn't listen and here we are again, in the same place as last time because you're a fucking asshole."

"Fuck off Zack." I yelled.

"Hey woah." Matt exclaimed, walking in with Alex in tow. "What the hell is going on?"

I looked at him and I was disappointed to see Lola wasn't with him.

"He's being an asshole." I snapped.

"Enough already." Matt said. "Let's just do this."

I nodded, yeah we could do this but I didn't feel like it. I had fucked up. I'd spoken to Lola like shit and I'd left her place and driven home, but as soon as I walked inside I'd regretted it. I tried calling her, but she wouldn't answer, I'd been calling her all week. I thought for sure I'd see her Monday and we could talk, well I could apologise, but she hadn't shown up all week, and I just really wanted to see her, I just wanted to apologise, I just really wanted her.

I looked at Alex and she smiled at me, so I walked over to her.

"How's Lola?" I asked.

She looked at me, biting her lip. "Okay." she said slowly. Clearly she'd been told not to discuss it with me, but by who, Lola or Zack?

I was over it anyway. Tonight I was going to see Lola and if she wouldn't listen, well so be it, we weren't meant to be.

Fuck, but we were meant to be, I knew it. We belonged together. She was my soul mate.

"Zack." Matt snapped. "Leave your attitude at the door, get in there."

I watched Zack get up glaring at me, at least he was recording and I wouldn't have to put up with his stare.

"Alex." Sarah said walking over to us. "I'm going to grab coffee, want to come?"

"Sure." Alex said and those two left, well after Matt got all up on Alex because god forbid they be apart for fifteen fucking minutes.

"Right." Matt said, walking over to me. "Sit down and tell me what the actual fuck is going on, because I'm over it and even though she'd never say it I'm pretty sure Alex is over it too."

"Lola and I had a fight is all." I muttered.

"A fight, fuck Brian, Lola hasn't left her room since Friday night." He sat down and I sat next to him. "Look Alex has enough shit to deal with, she doesn't need to be worrying about Lola constantly either."

"Are you fucking serious Matt?" I snapped. "It's fucking Alex's fault to begin with."

"How the fuck is it her fault?" He looked at me, his eye's bulging and I realised that saying anything about Alex was a bad idea, the big dumb shit was enthralled with her, I mean I could understand why, she was a great person, but truthfully, Alex was the reason we had this fight.

"Look." I told him. "We had a fight about those kinky ass books Alex had lying around."

"Excuse me?" He asked, looking confused.

"Those sex books, come on don't look confused, I'm sure you use them." I said nudging him with me elbow.

"Brian, I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Seriously?" I asked and he nodded. "I'm mean the one's with all the kinky positions and stuff." And he shook his head. "Well I'm telling you Alex has sex books, all different positions, way to please each other, that sort of stuff."

"She does?" He murmured, staring off at the wall.

Fuck, now here he was envisioning Alex and her sex books. Just great. "Yeah she does and we ended up arguing about it."

"Why?" He asked.

"Ah, we just did." I said quickly. I wasn't going to explain to him that we fought because I was calling his girlfriend a kinky ass bitch and Lola took offense.

"Oh." He answered. That was it, just oh. I knew exactly what he was thinking about now and I'd wished I'd never found those fucking books, they'd done nothing but cause me trouble since I found the stupid things.

"Yeah thanks for listening." I mumbled as he got up and walked away.

Fuck all of this, I thought standing up, I was going to see Lola, and I was going over now.

"Hey where are you going?" Zack yelled as I headed to the door.

"Out." I muttered.

"No you're fucking not." He screamed, throwing off the headphones.

Oh fuck. I ran. I ran out that door and I ran to my car.

I only hoped Lola would open the door.

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