Chapter 3

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Zack's POV

"How much shit does she have?" Matt mumbled, trying to shut the trunk of my car.
"A shit load." I told him. "LOLA." I yelled. "WE'RE HEADING OVER THERE."
She came stumbling out of the house, followed closely by her dick weed boyfriend. "We won't be far behind."
Yeah right. Grant, the useless dick was attempting to put her bed into his van.
"Whatever. See you there." I told her, getting in the car.
"Why is she moving out?" Matt asked me, once he was in the car.
"I have absolutely no fucking clue."
"What's the place like?" He asked.
"Wait til you see it, it's fucking huge."
He nodded. "Who's she moving in with?"
"The mafia." I told him. "I shit you not, wait until you see her, she has money written all over her."
He grunted. "Seriously, the mafia?"
"Well maybe." I laughed. "She's this tiny little serious thing, there is no way Lola will be staying there, no way."
Matt laughed. "Probably not."
We drove in silence and as we pulled up I looked at Matt. "See. Money."
"Fuck." He whispered.
Fuck was the correct word to use in this situation.
We got out, heading to the door and ringing the bell.
"Zack right?" Alexandria asked, opening it.
I watched as she looked up at Matt with a terrified look on her face. Good, at least she'd know not to fuck with my sister.
"Yeah, um this is Matt." I said, introducing them.
"Oh lovely to meet you." She said politely, shaking his hand. "Where's Lola?"
"She should be here soon." I said. "Where can we put her stuff?"
"Oh, follow me."
We followed her upstairs, into a giant bedroom. I looked around, no wonder Lola was moving, I mean shit, she even had her own bathroom.
"Can I move in?" Matt asked jokingly.
Alexandria smiled, well sort of smiled, I wasn't entirely convinced that she could smile.
"Well would you like some help?" She offered.
"Nah, we'll be right." I told her.
Matt and I headed back downstairs to the car.
"This is some house. He said.
"Oh yeah."
"And well she seems a little uptight." He said, grabbing an arm load of stuff.
"A little?" I laughed.
"Different." He mumbled.
Very different, I thought as we started taking Lola's stuff up to her room.
We'd pretty much finished by the time Lola and idiot face made an appearance and stumbled out of the van.
"Can you help?" Grant asked Matt.
He agreed and I watched as him and Matt started lugging bits of bed inside. I wasn't helping, fuck that, Grant had one job to do and he couldn't even do that himself.
"Where the fuck is Brian?" Lola yelled, walking over to me.
I shrugged. "Who knows."
She turned and headed back into the house and I followed.
"He's a fucking useless piece of shit." She snapped.
I watched in amusement as Alexandria had a heart attack on the spot at Lola's choice of words.
"Heyyyy." Matt called walking back down the stairs. "Where can I set this up?" He asked Alex, holding out Lola's x-box.
"Um, I guess the entertainment room." Alex said.
The poor girl. She looked horribly uncomfortable in her own home.
"And where might that be?" Matt asked her and I watched as he followed her off, further into the house.
I looked at Lola and she was smiling. "Gosh she's cute."
"Seriously Lola." I said. "Let's just unpack."
I ended up putting the damn bed together, while Lola and Grant went home to get the last of her stuff. I had no idea where Matt was and Alex was sitting in the kitchen, pretending to read the paper.
"Have you seen Matt?" I asked her.
She pointed at a door and I opened it walking in.
"I'm in fucking heaven." Matt announced. "I'm getting one."
He was in heaven. He'd set the x-box up and he was playing it on the biggest screen I'd ever seen.
"Holy crap."
"I'm fucking moving in." He muttered.
I wandered back out just in time to see the front door fly open and Lola walk in, hurling abuse over her shoulder at Grant.
"I MADE IT MOTHERFUCKERS." Brian screamed, walking in the door and holding up beer.
Matt appeared from nowhere, grabbing a beer. "Just in time."
I smiled glancing over at poor little Alex.
"Welcome to the family." I told her smiling.
All she could do was nod and all I could do was laugh.

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