Chapter 10

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Matt's POV

"Are you coming?" Lola asked, standing in front of the screen.
I peeked around her. "Where?"
"Zack and Sarahs for dinner."
"Ummm." I paused my game, looking up at her. "Do I have to?"
"I guess not." She shrugged. "I'm sure Alex won't mind if you stay."
"I'm sure she won't." I agreed. I mean she did say I could come over whenever I wanted.
"Alright, well Alex will be home soon anyway." She told me.
I nodded. "Alright."
"See ya."
"Bye." I mumbled getting back to my game.
The house went quiet and I made myself comfortable, laying on the couch. I couldn't wait until my screen arrived, it was just taking forever.
I heard Alex come home, she was pretty quiet, doing something in the kitchen and I thought about telling her I was here but I got caught up in the game and I forgot all about it until I heard the doorbell ring.
I paused the game listening.
"So you're on your own?"
It was her boyfriend. I didn't like him much, he seemed a little too possessive of Alex.
"Lola is out for dinner." Alex said softly.
"Good." He grumbled.
I rolled my eye's, standing up. I had better let then know I was here.
"You need to kick her out Alexandria." He told her and I stopped by the door.
"Why?" He snapped. "Because I fucking said so is why."
No way, that was it.
"Hey." I said walking into the kitchen.
"Hi." Alex said smiling at me.
She was an extremely attractive girl and I smiled back, using my dimples, I couldn't help it.
"Just getting a drink." I told them, grabbing a soda from the fridge. "Are you staying for dinner Matthew?" She asked me.
I nodded. "Yep."
I went back into the entertainment room and I could feel that dick glaring at me. I sat on the couch listening. There was something about him. I just didn't like him.
"What the fuck is he doing here?" I heard him hiss.
"He likes the big screen." Alex said softly.
"Are you fucking him?" He demanded.
Wait just a second, I thought putting my drink down. He was accusing her of sleeping with me?
"Don't be silly."
"You are, aren't you?"
"Brandon, stop, you're hurting me."
What the fuck?
I walked back out into the kitchen. He was standing over her and he had her arm, squeezing.
"Seriously man." I said. "Don't touch her."
"You." He said pointing at me. "This is none of your business."
"Well I'm making it my business." I told him. "Let her go."
"What a fucking joke." He snapped. "And you." He said to Alex. "You're pathetic."
"Brandon." She said softly.
"We're done." He yelled. "You can have her mate, she's fucking useless anyway."
I looked at him, my mouth hanging open. "Leave." I told him.
"Oh I am, don't worry." He said, storming to the door. "By the way she's a lousy fuck."
He slammed the door and we both just stood there.
"Oh god, I'm so sorry." Alex whispered.
"Don't you be sorry." I said turning to her. Damn, she was crying. "Alex, I'm sorry."
"Alexandria." She cried, running from the room.
Shit. I stood there. Should I go after her or leave her alone? I wasn't sure what to do.
I pulled out my phone, calling Lola.
"It's me." I said. "You need to come home."
"Oh god." She groaned. "What have you done?"
"I didn't do anything, but Alexandria's boyfriend was here." I told her. "It didn't end well."
"Shit, okay, I'm on my way."
I stood there for a second, thinking. I really didn't know Alexandria that well and I wasn't sure what I could do.
I headed upstairs, knocking softly on her door. "You okay?"
"I'm fine." She sniffled. "Thanks." Through the door.
I looked at the door, she wasn't going to open it and I couldn't exactly barge in there.
Damn, what an asshole. I was glad I was here, I wasn't sure of their relationship, but from what I'd seen it wasn't a healthy one. Alexandria was a tiny little thing and he obviously used his strength against her. I shook my head. Relationships shouldn't be like that.
I heard Lola arrive and I went to meet her.
"He got a little physical." I told her.
"He hit her?"
I shook my head. "But it wouldn't have surprised me if he did."
"I knew it." She hissed. "I knew he abused her in some way, I saw the signs."
It was sad really, she was such a nice person, a little quiet, but maybe he was the reason she was so quiet.
"Go see her." I told Lola. "I'll stay in case he comes back."
"Good idea." She said, heading upstairs. "Thanks Matt."
I sat down, hoping. I was hoping that he did come back, because I really wanted to smash his face in. Who treats a woman like that? Who treats Alex like that? She deserved something better and if he has the balls to come back I'll tell him that. While I beat the shit out of him.

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