Chapter 41

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Matt's POV

I'd had enough, it was getting late. "Let's call it a day guy's, finish up tomorrow." I told everyone.

It hadn't been a great day, Zack was pissed at the world and Brian had never come back. I certainly hope Lola hadn't killed him, I mean knowing Lola, it was quiet possible.

"I'll meet you at your house." Zack announced.

"What Zack." Sarah said. "No."

"Oh I'm going over there." Zack growled. "And I'm going to rip his fucking head off."

I shook me head. "You ready?" I asked Alex and she nodded, grabbing our stuff. "Wanna get some dinner on the way home?"

"Yeah." She said softly. "I don't feel like cooking.

"See you all tomorrow." I called as Alex and I walked out the door.

"No." Zack snapped. "I'll see you very soon."

Fuck. I hope Sarah sorted him out, I didn't need him and Brian yelling at each other all night, I was kind of hoping Alex and I could have a quiet night at home.

"Italian?" I asked as we got to the car.
"Sounds good." She nodded getting in.

I smiled, climbing into the drivers side. It may be Alex's car, but whenever we were together, she always let me drive and I fucking loved it.

"So, you haven't heard anything from Lola?" I asked, pulling out.

"No, I've messaged her several times." She told me. "But she hasn't replied."

"Well either they've sorted out their problems or Brian is dead."

She smiled and I reached over, taking her hand. I was really glad I'd met Alex, I really was and I smiled, remembering how much my parents had liked her.

"Are you getting enough for Zack and Sarah?" She asked as we arrived at the Italian place.

"Nope, they can bring their own fucking food." I told her, kissing her quickly before going inside to pick up our order, although admittedly, I had ordered a lot, but I was starving.

"Well." She said as we pulled up at home. "His car is here."

"I wonder where she hid his corpse." I laughed as we opened the front door.

It was all quiet in the house and we headed straight into the kitchen, putting dinner on the bench.

"Are they even here?" Alex asked softly.

I shrugged, grabbing a couple of plates. "I don't know. Now are you hungry?"

"I might have a quick shower." She told me. "But you eat."

"I'll wait." I said kissing her softly. "But be quick."

She nodded, smiling and I listened as she walked upstairs.

Right. I wasn't going to lie, I had an ulterior motive. The books. Brian insisted that Alex had sex books laying around. I wasn't really sure if I believed him, but I wanted to have a quick look around and check anyway.

Now if I were Alex, where would I hide my sex books?

I looked around, most of the cupboards and places I used, opened regularly so I headed into the formal living area and looked at the door that led to what once was Alex's father's office. I'd never really gone in there, I'd had no need.

I opened the door, flicking on the light. It was nice and it still looked like Alex's father had only just left for a few moments and that me sad, I couldn't imagine how bad it must have been for her, losing both of her parents.

I glanced around at the book shelves, but there wasn't anything sex related there. I looked at the desk and noticed three books just sitting there, in the middle and I walked over, grabbing them.

Fuck. Brian was right, these were sex books and I flicked through the first one, biting my lip. Jesus Christ, there were illustrations and I wouldn't have minded trying out a few of these positions with her. Ugh, sex, I wasn't sure when was a good time to do the sex thing. I hadn't had a huge amount of girlfriends, so when was the right time to have sex? And I really wanted to have sex with Alex, I really did. She was fucking beautiful without realising it, and then she would do that thing with her tongue and Oh fuck. I slammed the book shut, I needed to stop thinking about it.

I quickly glanced at the next book and my heart sank. It was about rape and I fucking hated it. I just hated thinking about that asshole treating Alex like he did, I wanted to kill him, I really did.

I knew the rape would probably cause sexual problems for Alex and I meant it when I said I wanted to help her. If she wasn't ready I'd wait until she was, I would gladly do that for her.

I heard a door shut upstairs and I quickly shut the books, heading back to the kitchen and I was barely there a minute before Alex walked in.

"Did you eat?" She asked walking in and I smiled shaking my head. "Well let's eat."

So we ate, then curled up together on the couch.

"Zack never came." Alex murmured, kissing me softly.

"Nope." I whispered. "Sarah must have talked him out of it."

She smiled, kissing me again and I tightened my arm's, pulling her close. I closed my eye's, and fuck, she was doing the tongue thing again and I was trying to keep my cool as she pushed her body against mine. I kissed her deeply but I was always aware of what I was doing, I didn't want to do anything wrong, anything to upset her, but fuck I really didn't know what might upset her.

Suddenly she made this soft moaning noise, pushing herself harder against me.

That was it. I really needed to talk to someone about this, about sex. I wasn't going to take a chance on ruining our relationship for a quick grope and only one person to talk to came to mind.


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