Chapter 53

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Matt's POV

Okay, I was getting pissed off. Lola was acting absolutely useless, and that dick was insisting that he would take care of Alex. Over my dead body.

FINALLY. My mind screamed as Lola went to get the door. Finally the paramedics were here.

"Move." He said again, pointing the gun at my head.

I looked down at Alex and smiled, brushing her hair back. "No."

I could see fear in her eye's and I was doing my best to make her feel better. I was scared, but not now, not anymore, now I was just pissed.

"I'll take care of her." He said again.

"Are you fucking stupid?" I yelled. "I'll take care of her."

He took a step back, looking shocked and I leant down, kissing Alex's forehead. "It's okay." I whispered and I hoped it was because she needed to get to a hospital and she needed to go now.

"I'm not fucking joking." He snapped and I looked up at him. "Get away from her or I'll fucking shoot you."

That was it, I'd had enough.

"Listen here you fucking idiot." I yelled, standing up. "I have had enough." And I grabbed onto his hand, squeezing.

The gun went off as he tried to pull away and I had a terrible ringing in my ears.

"What are you doing?" He yelled.

"Beating your fucking ass." I snapped, twisting his arm, causing the gun to go off again.

If I could just get him to drop the gun I could beat the fuck out of him. And where the fuck was Lola?

Finally. He screamed in pain and I heard the gun fall to the floor, so I let him have it. Once, twice, three times I pounded my fist into his face until he fell to the floor, out cold.

I looked around quickly, making sure the gun was out of his reach, then I knelt back down next to Alex. She was laying there, looking pale, eye's closed.

"Alex." I whispered. "Alex, open your eye's." But she didn't, she didn't respond at all.

She was going to die, after everything that had happened that asshole had finally killed her. I got up, sprinting for the front door. I threw it open, running out onto the front lawn.

"Don't move." Somebody screamed and I halted.

I looked around to see about twenty guns, all pointed at me.

"Lay face down, hands and leg's out."

"But." I stuttered.

"DO IT."

And I dropped to the ground, doing what they said.

Suddenly they were on top of me, patting me down. "Alex." I told them. "Get Alex."

"Shut up."

Fuck. They thought I did this. "Lola." I yelled.

"Matt." She screamed back. "Matt, that's not him, you've got the wrong guy."

"He's still inside with Alex." I yelled and suddenly I was pulled to my feet and dragged away from the house. "What are you doing? Alex is in there."

"The situation is unknown, we can't enter the house, put anyone at risk."

"Alex is in there, she's been shot." I tried explaining again. "And he's in there."

"We know."

"She's dying." And god she was, she was dying.

He just looked at me and shook his head and I turned back to the house, running towards it. I could hear them screaming for me to stop, but I didn't care. They could shoot me, if Alex was dying I'd rather be dead.

I ran straight inside and thank god he was still out cold. I scooped Alex up into my arm's. If they wouldn't come to her, I'd bring her to them.

I ran outside with her in my arm's and they all raised their guns again. "Help her." I screamed at them.

Someone ran up and took her out of my arm's. I tried to follow but an officer grabbed me.

"Is he still in there?" He asked.

I was trying to concentrate, but I was watching them put Alex into the back of an ambulance. "He's inside, knocked out."

I pulled my arm out of his grip, running towards the ambulance.

"You can't come." One of them snapped at me, trying to close the door.

I grabbed the door, pulling on it. "Like fuck." I said climbing in. I was going with Alex. It wasn't negotiable.

"Go." One of them called out and I sat there, watching them assess Alex's injuries.

I couldn't hear much, over the noise of the engine and siren but I could see the two who were with Alex talking quietly to each other, and Alex, well she was still just laying there, unconscious as they cut off her shirt.

I closed my eye's, trying to catch my breath. Everything had happened so quickly I needed time to process it. All I knew that once Alex had been threatened I went into overdrive and I was willing to do anything to protect her.

But look where we were. I'd failed. I'd failed the woman I loved, the woman I would do anything for. I'd failed Alex.

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