Chapter 15

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Matt's POV

I pulled out my phone, aggressively punching in the numbers and staring at the gate.
"Matthew." Lola answered.
"Yeah, do you wanna let me in, I'm standing out here in the piss pouring rain and I can't open the fucking gate."
"Oh yeah." She mumbled. "Hang on."
I stood there watching as she ran out, punching a code in and swinging the gate open.
I followed her inside, shaking off the water.
"What do you want?" She demanded.
"Well fuck." I snapped. "Hello to you too. Are you going to give me the code or what?"
"No." She snapped back. "I'm not. What do you want?"
"Well you've been avoiding my calls for days and I thought I'd just come over."
"Your screen hasn't arrived?" She asked.
"No." I said quickly. "So, the code?"
"I'm not giving you the code." She snapped, walking into the kitchen.
"Well what's with the Fort Knox get up?" I asked, following her.
She groaned. "Promise you won't say a word."
"I promise." I told her, now I was curious.
"There was an incident." She said sitting down, her shoulders slumping.
"An incident?" I wasn't sure if I was meant to know what she was talking about.
"Yes, the night of the party. It was horrible Matt." She whispered.
I went over to her, putting my hand on her shoulder. "Lola, what happened? Did someone do something to you?"
"No." She cried, turning around to look at me. "Alex. It was poor Alex."
I looked around quickly. "Where is Alex?"
"She finally went back to work today, I wished she didn't, I'm so worried."
"About Alex?"
"Yeah, she should be home soon."
I shook my head. I was confused. "So what happened to Alex?"
"After the party." She said. "She came home and oh god Matt."
I felt a tightening in my chest. "Oh god Matt what?"
"He beat her."
I grabbed a stool, sitting down before my legs gave out. "He beat her?"
"Yes, he beat her, with a fucking power cord." She groaned. "We should never have let her leave."
"I told her I would go with her Lola, I swear, she wouldn't let me." Did she say a power cord?
"I'm not blaming you Matt." She groaned. "Ugh, what an asshole."
"How bad?" I asked, dreading the answer.
She looked at me. "Bad, very bad. But he knows what he's doing, he hits her in places you can't see, and he hit her good and god, I think he did other things to her as well."
I took a deep breath, calming myself. "Other things?"
"Yes." She whispered. "You know, other things."
I stood up, knocking my stool over. "Did you call the police, why didn't you call me, what did you do?" Fuck, I was so angry.
"She didn't want me to tell anybody so I didn't okay?" She told me. "I called the security company, got everything changed, fuck Matt."
"Has he come back?" I asked.
She shook her head. "I'd fucking kill him."
"You and me both." I mumbled. "How is she?"
"Oh." She said as we heard the door open. "Ask her wait don't, please don't say a thing."
I shook my head as Alex walked quietly into the kitchen.
She looked at me, shocked. "Hi."
"Hey." I said smiling widely. "How are you?" I walked over, hugging her briefly, which was a bad idea, I felt her stiffen as soon as I touched her.
"I'm okay." She said softly. "Tired."
"Well." I said smiling at her. "We're cooking tonight, so you can relax." I told her, glancing at Lola.
Lola nodded, not looking impressed. "Yes, so why don't you go and have a shower and we'll get dinner."
"Okay." She said glancing between us. "Don't you want to play your games?"
"After." I said, plastering on a fake smile. "Go, relax."
She shrugged and walked out again, Lola and I watching.
"So what are we cooking smart ass?" Lola asked once Alex was gone.
"I don't know." I said walking to the fridge. "Lola?"
"Will she be okay?" Women were a mystery to me.
"I hope so Matt, she deserves so much better."
I nodded.
"And now she has us right?" Lola asked.
"Of course she does." I said, grabbing some steaks. "And seeing as though we're starting in the studio next week you should bring her down, she's bound to get a laugh out of that."
"Yeah." She smiled. "You're right, I will."
I dropped the steak on the counter, looking at Lola. "She'll be okay." I assured her. "And if I ever lay eye's on that prick, I will kill him Lola, I swear."
She looked at me, smirking.
"What?" I asked.
"Nothing, nothing at all." She said. "But I hope Alex realises what a lucky girl she is, having you look out for her."
I shrugged, feeling myself starting to blush. "That's what friends are for."
"Oh yes of course." She laughed.
I shook my head. What would she know anyway?

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