Chapter 67

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Matt's POV

"Matt." Brian yelled. "For fuck sake hurry up, you're going to make me late for my own wedding."

I glanced in the mirror, straightening my tie. I looked okay. It was all going to be okay.

"Thank fuck." Brian muttered as I ran down the stairs. "You took your time."

"Yeah well." I said following him out and getting into the car.

"Holy fuck." Brian said laughing, as we started the journey to the church. "I'm getting fucking married." And then he started laughing hysterically.

"Yeah to my sister." Zack snapped. "So fuck it up and I fuck you up."

"Yeah yeah." Brian mumbled, winking at me.

It was good to see my friends so happy, and Brian and Lola belonged together, I was glad they were finally getting married.

"So Matt." Brian said turning to me. "Your date, is she the girl you went out with the other night?"

I shook my head. "Nah. I haven't been out with her yet."

"Are you serious." He snapped. "You brought a stranger to my wedding. What about one of the other girls you at least took on a date first?"

I shrugged. "I don't know, I didn't like them that much."

"Fuck me." I heard Zack whisper.

'Well what's her fucking name?" Brian asked me.


"Right Deni, I hope I remember."

I shrugged, I didn't care if he remembered or not because quite likely after tonight I wouldn't see her again. It seemed I just couldn't find a girl I liked, or to be honest, a girl like Alex.

Ugh Alex. I would be seeing her for the first time today and I was nervous. I knew she'd been staying at Brian and Lola's and I'd been avoiding going over there, but now, today, I would have face her and I wasn't sure how I felt about it.

Bullshit. I knew exactly how I felt about it. But she'd made it clear how it was, so I was trying to move on, and I would, eventually.

"Alright we're here." Brian announced, opening the door.

I got out, looking around and Brian's mom came up to us, rushing us into the church, while scolding us for being late.

"Oh shit Matt." Brian said once we were up the front and waiting. "I forgot to tell you, Jenna is your partner, Johnny's with Alex."

I nodded, great, she wanted nothing to do with me. I wasn't surprised.

I glanced around and noticed Deni sitting amongst the guests. She smiled and waved. She was a good looking girl. Tall, blonde, absolutely nothing like Alex, which was the way I wanted it. I smiled and waved back at her as Brian mom came rushing up to us.

"They're here." She hissed. "For god sake, stand up straight." Then she rushed over to her seat.

"You ready?" I whispered to Brian as the music started playing.

He glanced at me, nodding and smiling. "I'm not afraid of commitment Shads." He hissed.

What the fuck was that supposed to mean? But my thoughts were interrupted as the doors opened and the girls came walking in.

Jenna, Lola's cousin came first and I smiled, she was a dopey thing but she looked nice and the dresses were something else. Red, knee length, strapless, tight, very Lola, so I wasn't surprised. Next was Sarah, she looked beautiful, Sarah would look beautiful in a plastic bag to be honest and I still wasn't sure why she wasn't a model. Then came Alex, she was staring straight ahead, smiling and she took my breath away, she looked stunning, the dress, with her dark hair, it suited her so well. I looked down at my feet, frowning, I wouldn't look at her, I couldn't look at her, it was over.

I didn't look up again until Lola made her entrance and I smiled, she looked beautiful. I glanced at Brian and he was smiling like an idiot and I felt a little jealous and just for a moment as I looked at Lola I pictured Alex, with me in Brian's place. Alex walking towards me, marrying me, choosing to spend her life with me, ha, what a joke, I was kidding myself.

The ceremony was short but nice and once again I found myself thinking about how I wanted my wedding to be and I needed to snap out of it, I wasn't getting married for a long time, a very long time. Damn Alex for ruining me.

Eventually it was all over and we made our way outside where everybody spent time congratulating Brian and Lola and I couldn't help but smile, I just couldn't believe they were married.

"Hi." Deni said, walking over to me.

"Oh hey. How are you?" I asked her.

"Good." She said smiling. "You look very handsome."

"Um, thanks." I mumbled. "Are you right to get to the reception centre?"

"Yep, I know where it is." She said, smiling widely.

"Hey studly." Zack called, and I looked over at him. "Time to go."

I nodded and turned to Deni. "See you there I guess."

"You will." She said winking. She fucking winked at me.

I headed towards the limousine that we were all going in. Lola and Brian had their own limousine, Zack, Johnny, Sarah, Jenna, Alex and myself were going in the other one.

Alex. Damn. I climbed in and she was already sitting there, with a glass of champagne and she smiled vaguely at me as I got in. Zack handed me a beer and I took a long drink. I needed it.

"Well they did it." Zack said as the limo pulled out. "They actually got married."

"I know, unbelievable." I said smiling.

"I think it's wonderful." Alex said softly and I looked at her.

Fuck. I looked at her and she was beautiful, she was still beautiful to me and I knew then, at that moment that I wasn't going to get over Alex, ever. Alex was everything to me, and every girl I ever met in the future, I would compare to Alex.

"I think it's wonderful too." Johnny said loudly, putting his arm around her shoulders.

"It is." I mumbled, glancing at her, then looking out the window.

I didn't know what I was going to do. Alex had broken up with me and I just didn't know what to do without her, but I did know one thing. If Johnny touched her again I was going to smash him in the mouth.

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