Chapter 66

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Alex's POV

"Right." The hairdresser said, spinning my chair around. "You are done."

I looked at myself in the mirror. She'd done a fabulous job. My hair was curled and piled on top of my head, a few loose curls framed my face. I smiled, I was looking so much better thanks to Lola mothering me, but now, today, it was Lola's day and I was excited.

"My turn." Sarah grumbled as I got up and headed over to the make up girl.

I smiled sitting down. Everyone was so quiet, all of us lost in our own thoughts. Sarah was probably thinking about her wedding next weekend, Jenna, Lola's cousin, well I didn't think she thought much of anything, I was thinking, but trying not to, about Matt and his dates and Lola, well Lola was thinking about Jimmy.

I wished I'd met Jimmy, they all talked so much about him and obviously he was very loved, but today, today was hard for all of them because Jimmy should have been here and he wasn't. Brian and Lola had set up a place at the wedding table for him and just thinking about it brought tears to my eye's.

I was guessing there was going to be a lot of tears today and I hoped the makeup lady was good at her job.

"How is this?" Kimberly the make up girl asked Lola, indicating to my face.

"Ugh." Lola snapped. "It's fucking perfect, Alex, you're fucking perfect, she can't look better than me, fuck Alex, why do you have to look better than me?"

I looked at her with wide eye's, shocked.

"Lola." Sarah snapped. "That's not very nice."

"It's true." Lola grumbled and I shook my head.

"If it were true Lola this would be my wedding." I said softly, once again thinking about how easily Matt had gotten over me.

I won't lie, it hurt when Lola sat me down and explained that Matt was dating and he was brining a date to the wedding, but I had nobody to blame but myself, I'd broken up with him, he had a right to move on, he'd just done it so quickly. Thankfully I'd started up my sessions with Karen again this week, so crying to her had been helping a lot. I didn't know if I was ready to see him today, but I would, for Lola. I was lucky, Lola had rearranged the wedding party a little, so now Jenna would be Matt's partner and I was Johnny's and that made me feel a little better.

"God I'm sorry Alex." Lola said bursting into tear's. "I'm so high strung today and next to you I feel like a frump. You're perfect."

"I'm far from perfect." I said softly and everyone fell silent, getting back to hair and makeup.

Finally we were all done and it was time to get dressed. Lola helped us and once I had my dress and shoes on she looked at me, smiling.

"Alex I love you." She said hugging me tightly. "You're my best friend and I'm glad I have you back." And then she started crying again. "Matt is such a prick."

"Lola." I said smiling. "I'm glad I have you and Matt is just moving on." I added the last part  softly. I didn't want to talk about it, it just hurt too much.

"Okay, okay, now my turn." She said smiling and we all helped her put on her dress and it was our turn to cry when we stood back and looked at her.

"You look beautiful." Sarah told her and all I could do was nod because if I opened my mouth I'd start crying again. "Now let's get you to the church."

We all grabbed what we needed, took a last glance in the mirror and headed outside to the cars that were waiting for us. Lola got into one with her father, and the rest of us got into a limousine, another down point of today, I would have to sit in this car with Matt later, but I was going to be okay, I'd make sure of it.

"You okay?" Sarah asked on the drive to the church.

I looked at her and nodded my head. "I am."

"You sure?" She asked.

"I'm sure Sarah." I told her. "Please, today is Lola's day, let's focus on her, she's getting married." I went on smiling. "She get's to spend the rest of her life with the man she adores."

Sarah nodded, she would be in the same position next week, they were very lucky girls.

I looked out the window. I thought Matt was my true love, I really had, but as Karen told me during the week, I hadn't had much experience with love and maybe Matt was just a stepping stone to finding the right person.

I frowned, I really thought he was the right person for me, and the pain I felt in my chest, just thinking about him made me think he was the right person for me, sadly, he didn't feel the same. I knew it would take some time but I'd get over it, I'd get over him. I had my friends to help me, and Karen was helping me. I was a tough cookie. I'd be okay.

We pulled up at the church and all climbed out of the cars. I smiled, Lola looked perfect and I hugged her as the church door's opened.

My best friend was about to marry her soul mate and I was about to see mine with another woman.

I plastered on a big fake smile and entered the church, looking straight ahead. I wouldn't look at anybody, I didn't want to and as Karen would say, I didn't need to.

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