Chapter 74

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Matt's POV

So Zack and I went out. He wanted to do some errands for the wedding and Sarah and he wanted to be sneaky. He was organising a secret honeymoon, so first we went to his travel agent, where I sat for an hour listening to them organise about how he's surprising Sarah with a trip to Thailand. I mean it was a really nice thing to do, Sarah thought they were just going to Hawaii where Brian and Lola were currently staying, I just didn't understand why I had to come along.

Next we went off to pick luggage. Zack wanted Sarah to have new luggage and he was organising for it to be delivered to her on the morning of the wedding with instructions on what she needed to pack. It was a romantic gesture but again, why did he need me to come?

"Let's stop here." He announced after a couple of hours of doing errands. "I need a beer."

I followed him into a bar and we ordered a beer, sitting down.

"I got to tell you Matt." Zack said, taking a mouthful of his beer. "I'm pretty nervous."

"Why?" I asked him. I didn't understand why he was nervous, if I was marrying the woman I loved I'd be excited, happy.

"I'm going to be with the same woman for the rest of my life."

"So?" I asked. "You should be honoured that she want's to spend her life with you."

He raised his eyebrow's at me. "I am Matt." He mumbled. "I'm just nervous."

"You'll be fine." I said, having a drink. "Are we going home soon?"

"What?" Zack said, looking at me. "Nah, I gotta go to the jeweller first."

I groaned internally. Was he fucking kidding me? If I knew it was going to take this long I wouldn't have come.

I wanted to hurry but obviously Zack didn't, insisting that we eat something first before we headed off to the jeweller where Zack wanted to pick something, he wasn't sure what, but he wanted something that would be delivered to Sarah on the morning of the wedding as well.

"Ready?" He asked after we'd eaten and I nodded standing up.

I wanted to call Alex and tell her hopefully I'd been home soon, but I couldn't really do it. Technically we weren't together and I while I saw hope this morning I still wasn't sure if she wanted to be together, so calling her would just seem weird.

We walked in silence to the jewellery store and as we entered all the sales girls looked up, smiling.

"Hello Mr Baker." One of them greeted us, approaching Zack.

My guess was Zack had already spent a shit load of money here and as soon as he walked in they saw dollar signs.

I wandered off to look around as Zack began explaining what he wanted and I started looking in the display cases.

"May I help you Sir?"

I looked up to see and extremely well dressed lady standing there smiling.

"Um yeah." I said. "Can I look at these?" I asked, pointing to what had caught my eye.

"Any in particular?" She asked, pulling out some key's. "Or the whole display?"

"All of them." I told her, watching her pull out the display and place it on the counter.

"Do any of them catch your eye Sir?" She asked me and I stood there looking at them, thinking.

"Um, that one." I said pointing to one that had originally drawn me to the display case.

She got it out and handed it to me. I looked at it, it was perfect. It was diamond, heart shaped, a little bit different, but very Alex. It was actually perfect for her, like it was made for her.

"What are you doing?" Zack asked, appearing next to me, looking.

"Um." I mumbled, placing it back on the counter.

"Do you want this one Sir?" She asked me smiling. "Or would you like to think about it?"

"Matt, is that what I think it is?" Zack asked grinning at me.

I scowled at him. "Yeah, um the size is wrong."

"That's fine, we can re-size it." She explained.

"You sly dog." Zack laughed, elbowing me in the ribs. "But you've only been on one date with her."

I looked at him as the salesgirl raised her eyebrow's at me. I shook my head at him.

"Her hands are delicate, she's pretty delicate." I continued on, ignoring Zack's smart mouth.

She pursed her lips, reaching down and pulling out a device. "This?" She asked shortly, indicating to different sizes.

"That one." I said indicating to one of the smallest. "That's her size, I think" I hoped.

"Seriously Matt." Zack said quietly and I continued ignoring him, he'd caused enough problems.

The salesgirl started some paperwork and I stood there awkwardly, telling her what she wanted to know, paying for it.

"We will call you when it's ready Mr Sanders." She told me. "Possibly by the end of the week."

I nodded and Zack smiled. "Just so you know." He explained to the girl quickly. "It's actually his girlfriend, I was joking." And you could see her face visibly relax.

I nodded and she smiled. "We will speak soon." She called as we left the shop.

We walked in silence, heading towards the car. "Are we going home soon?" I asked.

"Now." Zack said smiling. "Oh and Matt, I think what you just did is pretty great, I mean you know how I feel about Alex."

"Yeah." I said, opening the door to the car. "And now you know how I feel about Alex."

"So." He asked as we started driving. "When are you going to do it?"

"Now that I'm not sure of." Hell Alex and I weren't even technically together at the moment, but I needed to fix that, especially now.

"Be spontaneous, girls love that shit." Zack explained.

Spontaneity is good, I thought as we pulled up at Brian and Lola's house.

"So." Zack said, turning to me after he parked the car. "Everything's good with Alex?"

I shrugged. "Not really." I mumbled, opening the door. "But I'm hoping to work on it."

"Dude you seriously need to sort it." He said as we approached the door. "I mean now that you have that, you need to fix it."

I agreed. I did need to fix it. I made to see Alex see that I loved her and only her and I needed to make her see now, especially considering I just spent a lot of money on what I had.

I was relying on Alex loving me back, she needed to love back. Hell I was screwed if she didn't.

I'd just made the most important purchase of my life. I'd just brought an engagement ring.

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