Chapter 57

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Matt's POV

I sat in the kitchen with Brian and Lola, trying to eat something, I just had no appetite and I hated being in this house. I used to love being in this house, I was comfortable in this house, but that had all been ruined because that idiot had come into our safety zone, threatening us, it didn't feel safe anymore.

"You okay?" Lola asked softly and I looked at her.

"I'm just tired." And I was, but I was so much more.

"Me too." She said standing up. "I'm just going to go to bed."

I pushed my plate away, I felt the same. "Yeah me too." I told her. "I'll get up early and go down to the hospital."

Brian nodded. "Go to bed, I'll clean up."

I agreed and headed upstairs, opening the door to Alex's, well actually it was mine and Alex's bedroom. I stood there for a minute, looking at the bed. It was only just this morning that we were laying here, talking. So much had happened since then, so much.

I headed into the bathroom, I needed a shower, but once I was in there I stopped, looking at Alex's pyjama's she took off this morning and for a second I got angry, so fucking angry at Brandon for what he tried to do. He tried to take Alex away from me and he almost succeeded. How fucking dare he come into our sanctuary and hurt her. Hadn't he already done enough?

I took a few deep breaths before turning on the water and climbing in. I spent at least ten minutes in there, letting the warm water loosen the tension in my body and by the time I finished I was tired, really tired, physically tired and emotionally tired.

I climbed into bed and even that felt wrong. I could smell Alex, on the sheets, on the pillows and I craved to touch her. I missed her, I missed her laying next to me in bed. I'd grown so used to Alex in my life and I couldn't imagine her not being in it anymore. I didn't want to imagine my life without her in it.

I eventually fell asleep but I slept bad, fitfully and several times I reached out for Alex only she wasn't there and I'd wake up, remembering all over again. About sixish I gave up and got out of bed.

I went downstairs and made a coffee. It tasted like shit but I took it into the entertainment room and turned everything on. It was too early to go into the hospital so I might as well play a game for awhile, only I couldn't, I couldn't concentrate so I ended up just sitting there, staring at the blank screen until Lola came in, shaking me.

"Matt." She said. "are you going down to the hospital?"

I looked at her then I glanced at the clock. It was 9.30, where had the time gone?

"Fuck yes, yes I am." I told her getting up and going upstairs to get changed.

When I came back down both Brian and Lola were sitting in the entertainment room. The kitchen used to be where we all gathered, but not now, now it was ruined.

"Give her our love." Lola told me as I said goodbye and I headed for the door.

"Of course." I told her.

I took my car, it didn't feel right taking Alex's when she was in hospital and not with me and it felt strange, driving my car, driving without Alex in the passenger seat.

The traffic was horrible and it seemed to take forever to get to the hospital but finally I did, getting a park and going inside, taking the elevator up to the floor.

I should have realised something was wrong straight away because as soon as I walked onto the ward the nurses stood up, looking at me.

"Can I help you?" One of them asked and I looked at her strangely, she was one of the nurses who had seen me last night.

"I'm here to see Alexandria." I told her.

"Oh I'm sorry." She said and fear gripped my chest.

"What?" I asked, trying to remain calm. "What happened?"

"Oh I'm sorry, Alex is fine." She reassured me. "Alex has just asked that she have no visitors."

What? Why would she say that?

"Tell her Matt's here." She'd want to see me.

"Yes, look I'm sorry." She said grabbing my arm and turning me back to the elevator. "She has requested that she have no visitors, none at all. Now." She said pushing the down button. "Perhaps if you call tomorrow Alex might see you."

The doors opened and she virtually shoved me in. She smiled as the doors closed and I could only stare back.

What had just happened? Why wasn't Alex seeing anybody, especially me, I though she'd want to see me?

I was confused and as I reached my car I realised I was hurt, hurt that she didn't want to see me. Did she blame me for what had happened?

I had trouble concentrating but I managed to get home without having an accident and as I let myself inside I could hear Lola crying from the entertainment room and I headed in there.

"They wouldn't let me see her." I said as I entered.

Lola looked at me, crying and clutching a letter. "Matt what is this?" She cried. "What is going on?"

"I don't know." I said. "I didn't see her."

"Yeah well." Brian snapped grabbing the letter and shoving it at me. "Read this, oh this will tell you."

I looked at the envelope, it looked official. "What is it?"

"Oh that right there is a nice letter from your girlfriends lawyer asking us to vacate the premises by tomorrow." Brian told me. "Isn't that fucking nice Matt, your girlfriend is kicking us out."

I shook my head, opening the letter. Alex wouldn't do this, not to us, not to me. But I opened that letter and Alex had done it, she wanted us out of her house.

She blamed me, she hated me and she wanted me out of her life.

I looked down at the letter again. Alex was done with me.

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