Chapter 47

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 “₮ⱤɄ₴₮ ₦Ø Ø₦Ɇ”

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“₮ⱤɄ₴₮ ₦Ø Ø₦Ɇ



"(Y/n) Cipher. You've stayed long enough, it's time for you to go back."

"Huh? Why should I?" (Y/n) asked, giving them a glare. "Why should I listen you you, you meatsacks?"

'So, I was right all along...' She slightly clicked her tongue, already dreading of what's to happen. She has foreseen that there will be time that she needs to go, but it wasn't something like this.

"Huh? Who are you, twats?" Baji asked them, squinting his eyes at them. He was confused on why they were telling (Y/n) to go back. Go back where?

"They're the twins." (Y/n) responded, turning cheery again, 'Keisuke, warn the others! These two aren't meatsacks to mess with... They have those brooch that grants them psychic powers.'

"Mabel, if you must...." Reverse Dipper turned to his sister. What he said isn't that loud, just enough for his sister to hear, but for (Y/n) it's clear as a day.

The Demon freeze on her spot, wondering what they're up to. She would've read their mind if it weren't for the brooch that's protecting them.

'These meatsacks....' Her smirk turning wider than her usual smirk. '....are all really amusing! I'd just watch their plans all unfold.'

She let out a small giggle, eyes flashing blue for a moment as she anticipated the twins' plan. She just hopes that something bad won't happen or befall anyone she—not that she'll admit it—cares for.

With Takemichi,

"—HUH?!" He stared at Hina, Emma, Draken, and Mikey. The two Founding members of Toman were looking deadly serious, while the two girls were looking very nervous as they stand behind the two males. "You told them about the time leaping?!"

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