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“A-X-O-L-O-T-L! My time has come to burn, I invoke the ancient power that I may return!”
The one eyed demon opened her eye only to see a never-ending blackness surrounding her. It was different to the white void that she was stucked in when she got erased, forgotten probably, along with the erased memories of Stanley.

She look around the place in confusion when she realize that she's floating in the middle of the black void, her yellow figure glowing brightly because of the darkness.

"Where is this place?" She asked herself in confusion, turning around in a 360° angle.

The last thing she remembered was vowing to come back, seeing Stanley looking at her in triumph as she was being erased along with his memories and stuck in the white void for who knows how long.

Was she still in Stanley's mind? Is this what happened to her when she got erased fully? Will she be stuck in there? Why did the white space turned black? She have a lot of questions that surprisingly she couldn't answer right now.

She didn't expect herself to be in there, she was expecting to be back in Gravity Falls. She wanted to be back to the town to get revenge from the Pines Family for tricking her, and she will surely torture them for fun.

'When I said that I will return, I meant Gravity Falls, not this black place!' She thought in annoyance and floated towards a random direction.

Maybe she can still use her powers? Maybe it'll work there? She can always use her powers to transport her to anywhere she wants to go.

She snapped her hand and to teleport her out of the void, a loud snap ringing around the place but nothing happened.

She blinked her eye and tried again, still nothing.

She was getting mad at what's happening, and was ready to throw a tantrum when she suddenly felt a chill going to her triangular body making her freeze.

"That won't work here, Demon." A voice boomed to her making her look around, the voice sent chills down her body making her narrowed her eyes.

She never felt this small and overpowered, it was usually her who cause this thing to others. So, feeling slightly afraid made her mad the thought of whoever was behind everything the situation was probably playing around with her.

"Who are you? Show yourself!" She asked angrily. Her yellow triangular body slowly turning red as her form slightly turned big.

"You're here because we'll give you another chance to go back to the 3rd dimension." Another voice answered, ignoring her statements.

Now that you mentioned it, the voice did sound familiar to her, she just forgot where she heard the voice. Her triangular body turned back to its original color as she calmed herself.

She can't pinpoint whether the speakers are male or female because of their voice that echoes throughout the place, but the pitch of their voices were the only thing that aasures her that there are more than one who's at fault.

"We will send you to another dimension, in a different time with a different form." The third voice piped in, which she ignored since they didn't answered her questions

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