Chapter 38

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-Here's another chapter for you all! I haven't published a chapter the past few days because I was busy, and I got too indulged at a certain game XD
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"Mitsuya's in the hospital now, he won't be able to get out soon for the fight but he's okay." Kazutora told the female.

The three were currently together talking about what happened when they separated.

"I've also sent the others in the hospital, and I may or may not traumatised some Tenjiku members." She shrugged, remembering their faces.

"You did?! Damn, I wish I saw their faces!" Baji huffed frustratedly. "I'd literally tease them off."

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go now, Chifuyu and Takemichi are waiting." The female said and snapped her fingers to teleport the three of them to where Takemichi and Chifuyu were.

They found that the two blondes talking to each other, the Kawata twins weren't around.

The three quietly walked up to them, the two blondes not noticing their presence.

"What's the tea?" The female asked them, making them both flinch.

"(Y/n)-chan?!" Both exclaimed as they stared at the female in shock.

The female gave them a grin, while the two males next to her were just standing next to her and stayed quiet.

"Are you two talking about Kisaki?" She asked the two males.

"Yeah, it's just... It's kinda surprising that he suddenly switched sides." Takemichi muttered.

He doesn't know why Kisaki suddenly cut down his connections with him and Chifuyu, and (Y/n) won't even tell them a single thing what Kisaki was planning. But he just decided to take it aside and try not to overthink about it.

"Is that all? You shouldn't worry about that." The female said and patted his back in reassurance. "Just focus on what's going on."

Their attention suddenly shifted to the Kawata twins that were approaching them.

"Heeey!" Smiley called, as he and his brother approached them. "We found where the Tenjiku's Hideout is."

"Get on the bike." Angry told the two males.

Hesitantly, they did so. But they remembered that Kazutora, Baji, and (Y/n) were also there.

"Eh? How about them?" Chifuyu gestured at the three, who he found out was missing.

"Where did they go?" Takemichi asked as he stared at their previous spot. 'Did (Y/n)-chan teleported them away?'

""What are you two talking about? There's no one there." Angry pointed out, question marks appearing around him.

The two males just dropped the subject, thinking that (Y/n) probably teleported away with Baji and Kazutora to who knows where.

"So, did you found out what kind of gang is Tenjiku?" Takemichi asked the twins.

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