Chapter 9

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When Takemichi opened his eyes, he was met with Mikey and (Y/n) talking to each other about Baji. Mostly Mikey talking about Baji, while (Y/n) pretended to not know about the information.

"It's hard to tell what he's thinking, right?" Mikey asked, while Takemichi and (Y/n) just listened to him.

"Yeah... I don't get why he punched me..." Takemichi trailed off making Mikey laughed.

"He's always been like that." Mikey told them. "He'll slug people who's just passing by because he's sleepy, and if he's hungry he'll pour gasoline on a car and set it on fire."

'That gives me flashbacks.' (Y/n) chuckled lowly, remembering when she once stabbed her arm with a fork and purposely let herself fall off the stairs.

"W...Wow." Takemichi answered the other blonde.

"Anyway, about that guy... He's one of the Toman's founding members." Mikey stated looking at the distance.

"Founding member..." Takemichi trailed off, while (Y/n) just kept quiet.

"I started Toman in my first year of middle school along with Draken, Mitsuya, Pah-chin, Baji..." Mikey told them, but (Y/n) ready knew about that.

"Those five...?" Takemichi asked as he saw the (h/c)nette besides him slightly shook her head.

'They're not just five.' (Y/n) told him, making Takemichi confused. 'I'll tell you later about it.'

"Yeah." Mikey said with a smile. "We gathered together to establish out gang."

"Takemichy, (Y/n)-chin, bring Baji back from Valhalla." Mikey told them. "I... I really.... love that guy."

'Okay, hol' up! First, Takemichi, now Kei?! Who the fucking hell is next?' (Y/n) thought, her mouth forming an 'o'. 'This guy is either really possessive about his friends and love them, or it's in the next level...?'

"Can you do that for me?" Mikey asked both of them, before (Y/n) could say anything, Takemichi beat her into it.

"Yes!" Takemichi answered. "Of course, we can do that for you, Mikey-kun!"

'I'm outta here.' (Y/n) thought, slightly giving Takemichi a glare. 'I didn't even agree to this.'

"But.... can I ask you one thing for me?" Takemichi stated in seriousness in his voice.

"Hm? What is it?" The shrimp asked.

"Kisaki... Get Kisaki out of Toman." Takemichi stated with a hint of fury in his tone.


"Why'd you recruit that bastard? I can't explain why, but that guy is bad news!" Takemichi stated angrily. "Kisaki's gonna ruin Toman in the future!"

'No matter how I explain it, he won't understand.' Takemichi thought to himself.

'You sure about that?' the demon asked him, making him throw a confused look at the girl.

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