Chapter 5

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"OI! This ain't a fucking exhibition, you little shit!" Two of the members approached the three making Takemichi scared, both Hina and (Y/n) was behind the blonde.

'Okay, why are there so many dumb people in the world?' The (h/c)nette demon thought giving the two members an unamused look.

"But I was told to come here..." Takemichi answered, sweating bullets because of nervousness.

"Hah? This is Toman's meeting place!" He yanked Takemichi's clothes. "Who the fuck told you to come here? Huh?"

'Huh? The Toman Meeting place?' The piss haired boy thought, making (Y/n) deadpan.

'He just stated it earlier, kid. Do you need 'ear cleaning'?' The Demon telepathically told him, a blank look on her features.

A boy with a light lilac hair suddenly approached them, his eyes fixated on the three and examining them.

It was the Second Division Captain of Toman, Mitsuya Takashi.

"Could it be that you're Takemichy?" Mitsuya asked the blonde.

"Y-yes." Takemichi answered him nervously, both Hina and (Y/n) was peeking from behind him.

"Why are you threatening the president's guest?" He asked the two, who apologised at their mistakes.

"Follow me." He told them.

'Okay, this one's cool. Is he the only good looking person here with a good fashion sense?' The (h/c)nette thought, while the trio followed the Lilac Haired boy.

"Yo, Takemichy! Sorry for calling you here all of a sudden." Mikey greeted him, then noticed (Y/n) following behind him. "(Y/n)-chin! You're here, too!"

"Why the hell did you bring your girlfriend?" Draken asked, looking at Hina.

"Sorry." Takemichi awkwardly scratched his head. "I had no idea it was gonna be like this."

"Oh! Hina-chan, sorry about before when I was threatening you to test Takemichy." Draken told the girl, bending to the girl's level.

"That's alright." She assured him with a smile, while Draken suddenly glanced over his shoulder.

"OI! Emma!" Draken called out, a female suddenly approaching.

"Huh? Emma...?" Takemichi muttered, his eyes travelling to the incoming girl.

A blonde female walked in the scene making Takemichi widen his eyes when he recognised the girl, while (Y/n)'s eyes sparkled when she recognised the girl from Takemichi's thoughts.

"This is Takemichy's girlfriend and that's (Y/n), so be sure to protect them." Draken told the female.

"Got it~" Emma stated, before her eyes fixated on Takemichi. "Yo' lil' coward! ♡"

"Who is a 'lil coward'?" Hina asked with an irk mark, giving a pointed glare to Takemichi.

"Do you know Emma?" Draken asked Takemichi, who slightly trembled, remembering the situation he was with the blonde girl.

'Trouble is piling up!' Takemichi thought, (Y/n) agreeing with his thoughts and enjoying the drama.

"What do you mean by 'lil coward'?" Hina asked in a dark tone, looking at Takemichi, a shadow covering her eyes.

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