Chapter 33

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"The First Toman meeting of the year of all the Members of Tokyo Manji Gang will begin!" Draken said loud enough for everyone to hear.

'Crybaby, your division's going to be a bit bigger.' The female telepathically told the piss haired male.

She was currently standing next to Kisaki, while Takemichi was about three feet away from her. Kazutora and Baji were standing behind the male, while talking to Chifuyu.

"Toman and the black Dragons faced each other in conflict, we originally had a peace argument but that failed. It was the cause of a discord between the brothers, Shiba Hakkai and Shiba Taiju." Draken yelled, while (Y/n) elbowed Kisaki.

'Doesn't his throat hurt? His yelling might have cause him some sore throat.' She pointed out, while Kisaki just gave her a side eye glance.

'He's probably used to it.' Kisaki pointed out, making (Y/n) slightly nods, he could feel people staring at his back, especially towards the female next to him.

He glanced behind him, and saw that a lot of people were staring directly at the female next to him. He also glared back at the males to give them a warning before paying attention to Mikey and Draken.

"Toman clashed with the Black Dragons on Christmas, claiming victory after a hard fought battle." Draken added.

"I'm getting bored." the female said, fidgeting with her fingers.

She could never stay still whenever she's bored and have nothing to focus her attention to. That's why she was impatiently tapping her foot while fidgeting with her fingers.

"Three people here today will discuss this matter with everyone. First person, Shiba Hakkai, to the front!" Draken called to everyone.

Hakkai walked to the front nervously, and bowed to Mikey before he faced everyone.

"I've already talked to him earlier." Kisaki muttered to the female next to him, who nods.

"That's good, then." The female grinned, she was excited how it'll turn out. "He agreed, right?"

"Not yet, he's going to say his decision today." Kisaki frowned, while (Y/n) patted his shoulder in reassurance.

"Just stick to the plan." She told him, her eyes suddenly fixated to Takemichi, who was giving her a confused look.

'What's going on?' He asked the female, who just grinned in return before looking back to Draken.

"The second person, Inui!! To the front!" Draken yelled, as two males suddenly appeared.

Both were wearing the Black Dragons uniform, one was blonde and the other was dark haired male. The two males were now facing everyone.

"Inui Seishu from 11th generation Black Dragons." The sunflower blonde male spoke, locking eyes with the (H/c) haired female for a second as he gave her a small nod.

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