Chapter 29

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In one swift move, Taiju was down on the floor while Mikey stared down at the male infront of him.

"Boss!" Inui called out to the male.

"Bullshit!! Taiju, taken down in one hit...?" Kokonoi stared In disbelief, staring at Taiju and Mikey. "So, that's the Invincible Mikey?"

"Mhm! Now, shut your mouths before a fly gets in." The female beside them commented with a grin.

The door of the church suddenly flew opened, revealing a familiar long black haired male trudging inside the church with a cheeky grin.

"What's going on here?" Baji asked, flashing his fangs. "Also, we're already done, Mikey!"

"Baji-san!" Chifuyu called out to the male.

"I was just minding my own business when I saw Mikey riding his bike and I decided to tag along." Baji said with a grin before glancing at Chifuyu with a raised eyebrow. "What happened to your face?"

"Ne, ne, (Y/n)-chin! Do you wanna buy some Dorayaki with me?" Mikey asked, approaching the female with a large smile.

"....Sure! My treat?" She flashed him a huge grin, with that sentence, Mikey clinged himself to the female's arm.

"Oi! We want Yakisoba!" Baji chimed in, dragging Chifuyu, who was also dragging Takemichi.

"The fuck do you think you're going?! This isn't over yet, Toman!!" Taiju bellowed while Inui was supporting him to stand up. "Koko, call our soldiers! We'll pit 100 of our men against them."

(Y/n)'s grin slightly dropped, she forgot that they're still existing and they were still in church.

'Don't worry, they're defeated.' (Y/n)'s voice ringed inside the Four males head, but they noticed that her voice is more clearer, like she was just talking to them.

Surely, something changed on her demeanor ever since Kill has showed up. Takemichi would certainly asked the female about that, while Kisaki just decided to wait till she just decided to spill the tea.

"Boss... We've lost." Kokonoi told Taiju, staring outside the church.

Taiju quickly get away from Inui's hold and stood outside the church, only to find the Black Dragons members were all unconscious and was neatly piled up on the side.

"Oh? Are all things all done in there? Did Baji told Mikey that were done?" Draken asked, as he was sitting on the church's steps while Kazutora was busy dusting himself on the other side.

"Takemichy, you can still move, right?" Mikey asked, approaching Takemichi.

"Yeah.." Takemichi answered while swaying next to Chifuyu.

Draken walked inside the church to tell them that they're already done but everyone inside the church walked out before he could even get in. When they all got out, they saw that Black Dragons members were all unconscious and piled up in a corner with a smug Kazutora towering towards the pile of unconscious body.

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