Chapter 10

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That night, Takemichi laid on his bed while thinking of the scenes earlier, and also about (Y/n) judging every Valhalla member except for Baji.

The great battle will be next week, and there's nothing he could do to bring Baji back from Toman.

He tried to blink the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes, but when he reopened his eyes again, he wasn't laying on his bed, but standing in the middle of a white void.

Looking around in confusion, he pinched himself to see if he was dreaming, but the pain he felt told him that everything is real. He suddenly felt a very familiar aura covering the place but this time, more powerful and dangerous.

Blue flames appeared and surrounded the male, making him unable to leave the circle, he can feel the heat of the flames even if he isn't near it.

"What's going on...?" Takemichi called hesitantly, a glowing blue wheel with symbols appeared infront of him.

?" Takemichi called hesitantly, a glowing blue wheel with symbols appeared infront of him

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"What the...?"

A yellow light suddenly glowed inside the circle in a triangular shape, a yellow triangle with one eye appearing when the glow dispersed, making the blonde scared.

The triangle laughed maniacally and floated towards him, a cane in hand.

"Crybaby, Did you missed me?" The triangle asked him, it's eye's bended to look like it was smiling. "Admit it, you missed me!"

There was only one person he knows who call him 'Crybaby', that is a certain (h/c)nette female.

"Wha-? (Y/N)-CHAN?!" Takemichi screamed in shock as the Triangle rolled it's eye.

"You're so loud, kid." The triangle stated before turning to her human form, her (h/c) hair slightly bouncing as she landed on her feet. "Anyways, welcome to the Mindscape!"

"Mindscape?" Takemichi cluelessly asked the female, (Y/n) rolling her eyes at that as the blue flames dispersed.

"Yes, and your mind seems to be in jumbled earlier, so I cleared it for you." She stated with a grin. "We're both in your mind, but your physical body is asleep."

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