Chapter 3

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"I am so sorry!" Hina apologised at the short blonde boy, bowing as she did so. "I must have misunderstood something."

"It's okay. Don't worry about it." Mikey stated, unbothered by it, before touching his cheek. "It was an amazing slap."

(Y/n) watch the scene unfold with amusement, Takemichi and Draken besides her. They were all outside the school building.

'I'm starting to like this kid.' (Y/n) thought, her eyes fixated to short blonde boy.

"I am so sorry." Hina apologised again with a bow.

"It's fine, do your best for the man you like but don't get too carried away." Mikey told her with a warning look. "Things would have been bad if you hit someone that would fight back, you know?"

"Yes!" Hina exclaimed, then looking at Takemichi and the (h/c)nette. "I will be going then!"

"What about our date?" Takemichi hurriedly asked.

"We can postpone it now. Since your friends went out of their way to come hang out." Hina smiled at her boyfriend before walking inside the school.

"Bye-bye! Don't hit me again!" Mikey called out to the light brown haired girl with a small wave before glancing at Takemichi. "What a nice girl, it's rare to see one like that."

"Yeah." Takemichi agreed, feeling lucky to have Hina as his girlfriend.

"Be sure to take care of her, Takemichi." Mikey told the piss haired boy.

"Yah, or I'll steal her from you." (Y/n) warned with a nonchalant expression, getting the idea from somewhere.
The Four of them were now going somewhere, Takemichi pedaling a bike while Mikey sat behind him. Meanwhile, (Y/n) sat behind Draken, the latter pedalling the bike since the (h/c)nette can't really ride a bike.

She's a demon who make deals, not ride bikes and such. And if she wanted to ride one, she needed to atleast practice riding it rather than get herself in an accident, remembering that humans are a very fragile creatures.

'I learned about Tokyo Manji Gang 12 years from now from Naoto.' Takemichi thought, looking ahead with a huge determination on his face.

'They are a heinous gang responsible for gambling, fraud, rape, murder and other crimes.' Takemichi thought in wonder, not realizing that (Y/n) was listening to his thoughts. 'Is this guy really the boss of Terrible Toman?'

'Idiot.' (Y/n) commented blankly, nearly making Takemichi to lose balance on the bike. 'Humans don't stay the way they are, forever. They change with a reason, I may be a demon but I've been watching humanity from afar to know that.'

'(Y/n)-chan! Please don't do that again or if you do, just give me a hint!' Takemichi mentally whined, hearing the (h/c)nette's snickers in the back of his mind already imagining her lips tugging upwards to form a smirk.

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