Chapter 39

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In the other side of the city, Mikey was sitting alone and watching the water while holding a Taiyaki on his hand.

"Are you running away to the sea, too?" Mikey asked the fish shaped food. "'Yes'."

"'Blob... Blob blob'." He muttered to himself, his eyes doesn't display any emotions and his face was contorted to a blank expression.

"Hey, Taiyaki-kun."

Mikey turned around to see a bleach blonde male next to him, he had an orchid colored eyes that seemed to peirce through him.

Mikey wonders what his motives are and why did he approached him in the first place. Surely, he had a motive to just suddenly approach him.

"How did that end again?" the bleach blonde male asked him.

"Who knows? I forgot." Mikey answered before staring at the male. "Who are you?"

The male just stared at him for a second, making Mikey wonder about the male's sudden appearance, before he spoke.

"I'm Kurokawa Izana." The male introduced himself. "Nice motorcycle."

Mikey just continued staring at the bleach blonde male who just smiled at him before taking off and leaving him behind.

"See you soon." Izana left Mikey, a grin was plastered on his face.

Mikey just stared cluelessly at the male, while he was still holding his Taiyaki. He wonders if he could ask (Y/n) for information, knowing that she's a demon and knows a lot of things.

Back to the fight...

Both Kakucho and Smiley were fighting against each other. The others were enthusiastically cheering them at the back.

"Yeah! Uppercut!" Chifuyu told Smiley as the three cheered at the the fighting males.

"What Chifuyu said!" Baji shouted, while Kazutora held him back so the dark haired male won't join the fight.

He was about to join in earlier, but Kazutora was quick to held him in place.

"My heart can't handle seeing more." Angry stated besides the chaotic trio, as he had his hands over his face.

(Y/n) was hugging the blue haired male, and giving him reassuring pats. The blue haired male shifted next to the female in the middle of the fight. She didn't mind Kazutora and Baji shouting and cheering next to her, along with Chifuyu.

'Incredible, these two are fighting tirdelessly.' Takemichi awed as he watch the two fight.

Finally, Smiley delivered the final blow to Kakucho sending him skidding the floor. The dark haired male laid sprawled on the floor, unmoving.

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